Monday, August 10, 2009

June 26, 2009

They took spinal fluid last night to check for infection. Your white blood count is high but they can't find where the infection is. They don't think it's the spinal column but have to rule that out. The OT gave Diana some exercises for us to do with your arms. The doctor said your pneumonia is clearing up. They give you propanold to lower your heart rate. It stays around 120. And he sleeps...

Update email from Dad & Diana:
Hello everybody,
I don't have a lot to tell you right now. Johnny is the same. Still sleeping. Still has those episodes of "thyroid storm". Some times worse than others. Did I tell you we worked w/ the Occupational therapist yesterday? She showed us some exercises to do with him. I think it is good therapy for him and us. He started bending his arms where he was doing nothing but stiffening them before. It doesn't seem purposeful. He looks like he could open his eyes at any minute and say, "Hey, what the hell...?" Tomorrow Nancy and I are going over to Specialty Select..I think that's the name of it. It is a LTAC (long term acute care) hospital. We hope it’s a good place. Its in DeSoto so that will be good for all of us for him to be closer. They want to move him there straight from SICU, I think. Everyone is exhausted. But we hate to be gone from his bedside. We like to wish he may do something like wake up and we'd all be there to take him home.
I've learned so much the past week and a half. I learned that I could still be a nurse. If my body will let me, I can still do it. I'm glad to know that. It is truly in your blood when God calls on you to be a nurse. I haven't forgotten how and I have picked up easily on the technology I'm surrounded by. I do like knowing that. I'm going to take each day as a lesson and an opportunity from God to build my relationship with Him. Things are what they are.
I hope you all know it does me a lot of good to be able to talk to you. There are many others I need to add as so many people have called, facebook'd, texted… But I have some short term memory loss going on. Part of me still does not believe this is happening. We need you too. Thank you for you calls and the well wishes for our sweet boy. I know this note is all over the place but I'm feeling that way right now.
Love to all.
Diana and Johnny

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