Monday, August 17, 2009

August 16, 2009

It is so hard to be away from you. I hate that there are times in your day when your alone. I know that I have other responsibilities, one of which is taking care of your daughter, but it's still hard. You know I told you about what happened to Clint Cross. It's crazy that it happened to you too! Carrie, Casey and Clint's wife, Shellie, have been great! They are so reassuring and positive. It gives us hope! Clint is walking and exciting. Clint came to see you while you were in Parkland. Johnny, I hope when you wake up you can tell me some things. I want to know if you remember the accident. I want to know if you can hear us when we talk to you. I want to know if you know where you are and why and if your scared. I want to take this away for you! I wish so much that we could go back to June 16th and you could make some different choices. I know you'll come out of this, I just need to be patient. I'm trying! It just hurts my heart to see you like this! And, I fear that you might not remember us when you wake up and how scared that might make you. I pray that when God brings you back to us, he gives you your memory....oooh and while He's at it, I pray He filters it and purges the bad stuff! Is that asking too much?

Alex & Iris:
I miss you. We came by to say Hi! And, you recognized us and waved to me and my wife. We miss you and hope that you will get better. Much love!
** Alex & Iris brought you flowers...they are beautiful and smell so good! I need to take a picture of them for you.

Christy and Kelsie:
Kelsie and I came by after church. We got here about 1030am. You woke right up at the sound of our voices. You look a little agitated. More so then on Friday. You pulled my hand to your face. It is now 12pm and you have only closed your eyes a few times. Love it! You are making great progress! I love you lots!

**Mom, Robert, Jackie, and I came to visit you after church. You were very active with your right arm. You were grabbing anything you could get a hold of. You really were a pain in the butt! But, it was a far cry better then how you've been!

Buddy & Tammy:
Tammy and I came to visit with you. You seem very agitated today. You are really moving your right arm. You seem to be grabbing us and pulling us toward you. I can see you getting closer to waking up. I will be glad when you start cussing us because that will mean you are one step closer. Take care, we will be back soon.

***One of the stages of coming out of a coma is agitation...Johnny is there now. The next step, we're told is cussing. Even patients who have never spoken a curse word will use words you've never heard of...something in the brain.

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