Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 27, 2009

Just a quick post, I'll update later.

Johnny was sent to Parkland's emergency room today. His temperature spiked and he had a lot of yellow-green phlem coming from his trach. They said that the pneumonia is getting worse. They took a CT scan of his lungs and a lot of blood tests. We won't get the results from that until tomorrow. They will be admitting him over night. They are giving him antibiotics through an IV. Please pray that JOhnny doesn't have to go back to that place...he's too sick to be there!! Pray - pray - pray!!! Jen


  1. keep fighting man. I know you are strong and will overcome. I am praying for you and we will get this through this together.

    Casey J

  2. We are all still praying for you Johnny, We will continue to. We hope to see you moved to a place where you will be properly taken care of.

    We Love you get better,