Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 25, 2009

Jackie and I came by to see you after school. When we got here, we adjusted your bed, changed your gown and took off your glove. You were really sleepy and barely did your exercises. When mom got off work, we changed your pad and while we were doing that, you reached up and grabbed your trach and pulled it out about an inch. Mom freaked! I thought you were might have been because you were coughing up phlem. It all happened so fast. It took mom and I both to get your hand off the trach. By the time Jackie and I left, you looked really peaceful and relaxed. Love you Johnny! XO Jen

From Mom:
Hi Johnny, I came by to see you at 6am and again at 11:30am. Mom

From Christy:
I came to see you at lunch. You were really sleeping. I tried to wake you up but couldn't get you to open your eyes. I'm assuming they have given you something to relax you as your arms were really easy to move. Your left arm would move a little easier. You have so much to wake up for, like seeing Jackie turn into a beautiful young lady. You have all this family who can't wait to see you again and be able to communicate with you like we used to. I pray all times of the day for you. I can't remember ever praying this much. I always pray everyday, but I find myself praying more and more throughout the day. It is funny how God works through us all. He helps us do what He needs us to do and in return, He does for us by granting us His grace. He truly loves us all. I try to be patient and it is hard. When I got here, you made a horrible face like I make when I have a bad headache. Do you have a headache? I wonder a lot of what you might feel. Wake up and we will all listen. Love you lots! Christy

From Jackie:
Daddy, I had my 2nd day of school today. It was weird until choir, when Story asked me to sit with her at lunch. I miss you! Come home! Jackie

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