Monday, August 10, 2009

June 24, 2009

Your heart rate keeps going up. It got up to 220 today but it could have been because you were shivering. Mom's been talking with a lady at your work, she's arranging for your STD & LTD. Your starting to pull your right arm up to your stomach. We're being told that's part of your brain injury. Your lifting that hand a little. Your breathing seems labored and your shivering alot. They have you on a bed that cools you to keep your fever down. The center of the brain that regulates temperature is part of the brain that was injuried and that's why you keep having fevers. Johnny, you really need to wake up, your little girl needs you!

Update email from Dad & Diana:
We continue to be overwhelmed by the outpour of love we have experienced since last Tuesday. Thank you all so much.
Johnny continues to be the same except they add medical support daily … . He got a special bed to help prevent breakdown today. He is doing fine with the trach. They began weaning him from the vent today and he did ok. Has just the trach collar on most of the time. He has a "thyroid storm" now and then. Yesterday it was almost constant but only experienced it a couple of times today with the trembling, temperature and heart rate spikes. They are giving him medication to get that under control.
He has lots of visitors. Mainly the people he worked with. Tonight was the Eric Clapton concert and he was really looking forward to that. He called me months ago to let me know it was coming up. I could never understand why he couldn't get tickets for the good shows for me….??? The security director for AAC came today to visit. He said he always knew Johnny did lots of things, things above and beyond what his job description was but they realized how much that he really did without them knowing when they began to prepare for this big event. Those guys are really missing him and his strong work ethic and friendship. It has been so touching to hear how much he meant to their lives and how he had become a part of so many of them.
The biker friends are planning a benefit ride for him on July 11. I will send you all information when I get it. ( If you want to walk on the wild side for a little while…might be fun, huh.) You don't have to ride to attend. Food and rock and roll, raffles and stuff like that. They are so sweet.
I will try to start posting just every other day because I don't want my messages to become stale for you or a pain in your Inbox.
Please continue to pray for him. We know that God is listening.

Love to all
Diana and Johnny

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