Sunday, August 9, 2009

June 16, 2009

You were headed from Malone to somewhere (we're not sure where) and you lost control of your motorcycle. The details are sketchy because there were no witnesses to the accident. We are not sure how long you were out before a truck driving the same road saw you and called 911. The driver (we never found out his name) said he thought you were dead because you were laying there with blood all over your face and not moving. Care flight was called out and you were hooked up to a breathing tube on the scene. You were unconscious and unresponsive. You were flown by care flight to Parkland Hospital in Dallas. We were told that they took you there because Parkland has the best Trauma unit in the region. I'm not sure how long you were alone before someone in the family was notified. A friend of yours called your cell phone and a state trooper answered it. He told your friend that you were in a serious accident and flown by care flight to Parkland. He asked your friend to notify someone in the family and she called Dad. Diana couldn't get in touch with me so she called Jessica to help find me. Jessica finally got in touch with me through Cody's phone. I broke the news to mom and she told Jackie. By 9:30 pm, your whole family was waiting in the emergency room. When we first saw you, it was were hooked up to all kinds of monitors, tubes and IV's. The emergency room stabilized you and then you were moved to ICU. You were in critical condition and at that point, we didn't know if you would make it or not.

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