Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26, 2009

Mom stopped by to see you at 11:30am today. When she got to Manorcare, you had your oxygen pushed to the side, not over the trach and you had a towel over your trach hole. Mom said when she moved the towel she could hear your voice. You weren't talking, it was more like you were humming. Mom said you have a scratch on your chin...we're not sure where that came from since you have a glove on your active right hand and you don't move your left hand at all. Mom talked to Diana about your trach and Diana told her that even though the trach hole was covered up you could still breath through your mouth. She said that when people with trachs are weened off the trach they cap off the end to make sure that the patient can breath through the mouth, swallow, etc. before the trach is removed.

Mickey came by to see you during his lunch hour. He said you had your eye open and you were moving your hand but you didn't respond to him at all. He said it was like you were sleeping with your eye open. He said that you were very clean.

From Mom:
If I don't hear from a Doctor tomorrow, I'll make some appointments on my own. I'm so sorry we don't know how to help you - we're doing the best we can. I need to go -I'll see you in the morning - tomorrow. I love you - I hope you can feel that. Mom

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