Monday, August 10, 2009

June 19, 2009

A nurse at Parkland explained to us today what type of brain injury you have. She said that you have damage to the nerve endings. Each nerve ending sends a command to a certain part of your body. We won't know for sure until you wake up where the damage is. Meaning, you could be blind, paralized or even a vegetative state. God is bigger then this and we trust Him to heal you! You've had lots of visitors again today. You would hate how everyone is crying and fussing over you. We got the results of the MRI and it does confirm you have Diffused Axonal Injury. They said that you hit your head from side to side, right above the temple. The blow sheared off the nerve endings in your brain. They arn't giving us much hope that you will even wake up but you are not in danger of dying. Mom said, she can hear you saying "it is what it is". We are all praying Johnny! Your little girl needs you. She's protected, she's loved, but she needs her daddy! Wake up!

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