Monday, August 17, 2009

August 15, 2009

Your chest X-ray shows you have pneumonia in your lower left lung. The nurses put in a picc line for antibiotics. This just might be a blessing in disguise. Not the pneumonia part, the IV part. You see, insurance does not stray from their guidelines and we all know it's about saving a buck, not the person. Right now your in what's called by insurance as a skilled nursing facility but it's actually a nursing home. They weren't really prepared for your arrival. I feel like your negative Doctor over at Select Specialty had a hand in having you moved to Manorcare...even if he didn't realize it. Anyway, one of the ways we can get you moved to a long term acute care hospital is for you to have an IV. Well, you do now. Let's pray that will be a good enough reason to get you some better care. Care with some rehabilitation. We're looking out for you little brother. You just concentrate on getting better!!

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