Sunday, August 9, 2009

June 17, 2009

Sometime around 2am we heard from the neurosurgeon that you have spots of blood in your brain. This means that you suffered some serious brain trauma. The doctor said you have what is called Diffuse Axonal Injury. They told us that the nerve endings are sheared off so that commands don't get to where they are suppose to go. The neurosurgeon told us that on a scale of 3-15 with 15 being normal and 3 being brain dead, your listed as a 4. The little bit of moving that your doing is called posturing. This is considered normal in brain injuries like yours. Your right pupil is dilated and bruised. The doctor told us that you could possibly have lost your vision in that eye. You have a fever of 103 so the nurses put ice bags from your arm pits to your thighs. They said it's a symptom of your brain injury. Your breathing on your own now but you still have the breathing tube just in case. Mom went to your work and told them about your accident. Everyone has been so wonderful Johnny. You've had tons of visitors. Jackie visited with the counselor at Parkland today. She showed Jackie all the tubes and straps. Jackie decided that she wanted to see you. She stood at the foot of your bed and slowly eased up to the side of the bed. She was afraid to touch you. Mom took her hand and they both held your hand and cried. The nurses at Parkland are all so nice and patient to answer all our questions. Johnny, do you even know how loved you are? There have been so many people visiting you, praying for you, crying for you. I just wish you would wake up and see how loved you are.
Prayer request email sent out by Dad & Diana:
Last night, Johnny Jr. (my stepson) was in a serious motorcycle accident. He was Care flighted to Parkland where he is currently in SICU in a coma. He also has a fractured C7. I don't want to get too technical but as it stands right now, the doctors are not sure if he will make it or not. He has a severe brain injury but so far they have not detected a bleed but has brain swelling. He is on a ventilator, he has an ICP monitor and multiple other monitors. We came home to gather some things and we are headed back. The family is devastated but hopeful. Please think of us and pray for him and us and that God's will be done.
I love you all,
Diana and Johnny

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