Monday, August 10, 2009

June 20, 2009

Mom went to your house today and packed up all your valuables. She made sure that anything you had that needed to be taken care of was. The doctors took the shunt out of your head today. We see this as progress. It was there to drain the fluid off your brain. You are breathing on your own. Your sedative has been cut back too. Your work sent tons of food to the hospital, mom shared it with the nurses. They are taking such good care of you. If you will open your eyes, you will see that mom hung a picture of Jackie above your bed. She's missing you Johnny. Mom moved your pets down to her house, she's taking care of them while you sleep. Your friends have been coming by, I mean old friends, from high school! It's like a reunion, you would hate all the fuss! We heard that they are going to do your trachea tomorrow. You will be so much more comfortable. I say that, but are you uncomfortable? Do you realize what's going on? Will you know us when you wake up? I have so many questions ... I need you to wake up so we can talk. Love you!

Update email from Dad & Diana:
I'm getting ready to go back to the hospital. We got the MRI results yesterday and the report was sadder than before. The Neuro team have left us little hope. He definitely has severe Diffuse Axonal Injury. He likely will not wake up. He will be in the hospital for the next month and maybe longer. Afterwards he will go to long-term care.
We know God can work miracles and we are asking a miracle but we understand the reality.
Thank you for your prayers.
We love you all.
Diana and Johnny

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