Friday, August 21, 2009

August 20, 2009

I came to see you and your sleeping really good. Coughing some. You were drooling a lot more than I've seen you do so far. I wonder what that means...where does that go if it doesn't come out of your mouth? Down your throat? Why haven't I thought of that before now. Every time the man next to you coughs, you pop open your right eye. Are you startled? I think your smiling...when I took my camera out, you stopped. Now your praising God, you have your right hand straight up in the air.
Your sleeping soundly right now, without your mitten on. Mom is having it out on the phone with someone about you being moved. She's your advocate! Man, that's who I would want on my side...fierce momma lion! I love you Johnny! XO Jen

Aunt Margaret came by to see you...she put her phone up to your ear and let Granny Holub talk to you. You seemed really calm like you were listening to what she was saying to you.

Gary came by, he wrote a note on the board on your wall, it says Gary says Hi! He comes to visit you a lot.

Mickey came by this morning, he said you seemed angry when he took your mitten off your left hand. I think that hand really bothers you.

From Mom:
I came by at noon. They gave you a relaxer so you are resting. Physical therapy came by this morning and worked on your range of motion. Love you Johnny!

From Diana:
I came by. You opened your eye to me kissing your cheek. I just had to see you. I hate two see you like this. We love you. Please don't give up til we can get you out of here. I realized i forgot to turn your feeding back on last night when your mom and I pulled you up in the bed. I hope she remembered. Anyway, it's on now. I'm taking the long drive to Dallas today. It's pretty awful. Love you.

From Christy:
Kelsie and I came by to see you, we just missed your mom by a few minutes as it is 12:10pm and she was here at noon. I am so excited to see you are making such good progress. You look good and your resting good. You did open your eye and peek at us but you are sleeping very sound. We love you!! I agree with your mom, you have to let the Lord continue to grant you his grace. Get better soon. Love ya lots!

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  1. My homey,
    Watching 10 things about you. I know you would ask me I'm watching this crap. Have no idea. Hope to see you next week. I am trying to get Cody to and some of the guys to also visit. Hope they will come. Until then stay strong and keep up the fight. Your friend and brother.

    Casey J
    USMC (Gunny says wake up)