Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31, 2009


Happy New Years Eve!!

Mom and Jackie came to visit you today. Mom said that you were pretty much the same as yesterday. The nurse had to drain your bladder because you had over 500cc. Yesterday they had to drain it twice because you had 400cc and 653cc. I know that must contribute to how lethargic you are and it can't be comfortable.

Dr. Thomas came by again and filled your pump. He used a 4x concentrate dose so he won't have to fill it as often. Right now your pump is at 363 mg. Julia told mom that he is very happy with your left fingers. She waxed them again today. Mom said that your fingers are almost laying flat Karen talked to mom again today about Rehab without walls. Pray that bluecross/blueshield approves this when it comes time for that.

Mom shaved you and cleaned your ears and nose. She also trimmed your toenails which grossed Jackie out.

You seem so depressed, we are hoping that after your swallow test on Monday they will let you eat more...that seemed to be the highlight of your days at Traymore.

Love you Johnny!! xo Jen

Johnny's Room Update:
You have a framed out room and a roof. I'll post pictures soon.


My prayer for each of you out there...I pray that if you don't have a relationship with Jesus, you seek Him. If you don't have a healthy relationship with your family,
take the time to repair it. Life is too short and if Johnny's accident has taught me anything, it is just how much I need Jesus and how much I love my brother. I know without a doubt that without Jesus' answered prayers, my brother would not be here. Happy New Year!! I look forward to seeing you or hearing from you in 2010!!
God Bless!!

December 30, 2009


It was standing room only today in your room....Mom, Dad, Diana, and I. We all showed up to be apart of your assessment meeting.

Results of the meeting:
Dr. Thomas came yesterday and upped your baclofen pump. Said your calf incisions look beautiful. Will be adjusting level again tomorrow.

Kristina - Speech therapist:
Said you pointed to Dallas in response to where you were and you knew the year. She said you seemed more alert yesterday compared to the first two days she saw you. Today you are very sleepy. She is waiting to see your potential.

Dr. Chock -
I don't even want to put his report in here because frankly he doesn't know what he's talking about. That's my opinion! He visited with you for about 10 minutes today after you were given 10mg of hydrocodone and slept for several hours. You would wake up when your name was called but would go right back to sleep. He put you at a Rancho 3....idiot! You were a Rancho 3 when you were in the coma. He did agree to reevaluate you later today.

Craig - Physical therapist:
Going to leave casts on until Monday. He said you have no stretch in standing with cast but need to get used to standing. His main goal for you is to get you to 80%-85% on the tilt board. Right now you are at 60%. Once you master this goal, you will attempt sitting to standing. You still have soft tissue contractor that he's having to deal with.

Julia - Occupational/Physical therapist:
Main focus : Hands
She will be using hot pads and paraffin wax to loosen the hand muscles. Getting new splints soon. You tolerate your splints well. Hoping for functional movement to use spoon to feed yourself and toothbrush to brush teeth. You will be evaluated soon for another dose of botox.

Karen -
She works in the admittance office and deals with insurance. She said that your discharge date is January 25th...we are hoping that this date will be pushed back when you are evaluated again. Of course, Dr. Chock's Rancho number won't help our cause. She also talked to us about Rehab without's where therapists come out to the house for therapies 15-20 hours per week. This will be a real blessing once your home.

After the meeting, we all went to your therapy and watched you stand on the tilt board. I got it on video and plan to upload the video on the blog as soon as I figure it out. You also had therapy with Julia and she dipped your hands in paraffin wax. Then you had therapy with Kristina and she gave you orange juice and apple sauce.

By the time you got back to your room, you were so tired you fell right to sleep.

Love you!! xo Jen

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29, 2009


You were seen today....
Jennifer Kids and Cooper saw you sitting in your wheel chair out in the hall. They stood near you for about a minute when someone came up and started talking to you. They said you looked tired. You had been to physical therapy. Jennifer said the next time she saw you, you were sleeping. You must have had a hard work out.

It's snowing at my house as I type this. What a beautiful mess! Cody just got his truck back from the Christmas Eve snowing. He was driving to Cedar Hill and the car in front of him started spinning so he changed lanes to avoid hitting it and caught some ice and went right into the guard rail. He took his truck to a little hole in the wall body shop near our house and the guy fixed it for cheap in less than 24 hours. He picked it up today and then headed to mom's house...I was a nervous wreck waiting for him to call and tell me he made it okay. I guess you never stop worrying about your children! Mom still worries about you.

Love you!! xo Jen

Johnny's Room update:
Framers came out this said she heard them at 7:15am. I wonder how far they got before the weather was unbearable.

December 28, 2009


Mom came in to find both your legs in casts up to your knees. Only your toes were peeking out at the bottom. It was a little upsetting for her to find you that way, not knowing that they were going to do that. But, it didn't seem to both you at all. Mom and I both signed your cast.

I came by with my friend Jennifer and her son Cooper. Jennifer's dad is at the same place you are only he's on the 4th floor. We visited for a couple of hours, me with you and her with her dad....that didn't sound like the proper grammar...oh well. You seemed very tired, your cuff is still inflated on your trach which prevents you from talking. I'm sure that wears you out because you keep trying to breath through your mouth but are unable to. You look pretty comfortable considering you have both legs in casts.

The weather is suppose to be bad tomorrow, if I drive in it, I'll come see you...if not, I'm glad I saw you today.

We held hands and watched TV for a long time, you were in and out of sleep. When I left, you were dozing.

Love you!! xo Jen

Johnny's Room Update:
Lumber was delivered today...the foundation post things were done a few days ago so the framing is about to get started on your new area. It's so exciting!!! Your almost home : )

December 27, 2009


Mom and Jackie came to visit and right behind them were Doug, Della, Taylor, Ashley and Allie. Mom said that Della asked you what her name was and you said "Ella"...close enough! You had trouble with the D. Mom said that the respiratory doctor came in and deflated your cuff, that's why you were able to talk. When you saw Allie, you motioned for her to come waved at her and blew her kisses. You've always taken to Allie, since she was a baby. Mom was wondering if you remembered her or if you saw Jackie as a little girl in her. Either way, you were precious!

Mom said that your ankles weren't propped up and were swollen when she got there, you weren't complaining but she propped them up anyway.

When everyone left, you were sound asleep.

Love you!! xo Jen

December 26, 2009


Physical therapy came in today and put you on the tilt board. While up there, they took your blood pressure and it remained good. Then they put you in the wheel chair and took your blood pressure and it remained good. The nurse said you did really good. You slept for most of the day after that.

Love you!! xo Jen

P.S. Sorry it's been a while since I updated the internet hasn't been working but I'm able to update today because a friend brought me her laptop w/ wireless anywhere internet...pretty cool!

December 25, 2009



It's Christmas morning and I think we all feel your absence. Jackie and Cody woke up and we opened gifts. You got Jackie a beautiful silver heart necklace that she can put a picture of the both of you in. She really loved it! You also got her another necklace that says I Love You on it. You got her some clothes and shoes and "girl stuff". She had a great Christmas Johnny....but, you were missed : (

After Christmas lunch, mom, Jackie and I headed to the hospital to see you. You opened the gifts we got you with Jackie's help. You seem very sleepy...lethargic. We think it's because they have the cuff on your trach inflated. Your unable to talk or even breath out of your mouth. I think it must make you tired.

Dad and Diana came to see you early this morning and Dad said that they had a good visit. Diana brought you some presents, a pair of sleep pants and some really nice soft socks.

Jessica's church made you a prayer quilt and when we got there, you were using it.

Buddy and his son came up to see you while Dad and Diana were there. You had a lot of visitors today, it's no wonder you were sleepy when we got there.

Take Care Johnny! Love you!! xo Jen

December 24, 2009


It's Christmas Eve...

You had a test for blood clots today at 1pm. The test came back negative...they found no blood clots. Mom shaved you today. Valerie came to visit. You slept most of the day.

Mom said that you got a new bed today, it's a air pulsating bed that blows beads around on the inside. It's going to do wonders for your bed sore. It has an adjustable temperature on it.

Love you!! xo Jen

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23, 2009


Ambulance arrived to pick you up at Traymore at 6:30am
You arrived at Texas Institute of Surgery at 7:30am
Your surgery started at 9:00am
Your surgery was over at 10:15am
You were in recover for about 2 hours and then the ambulance was called
You left the surgery center at 12:50pm and arrived at Baylor a little after 1pm

Mom, Jackie and I saw you before you surgery and you were calm. You were complaining a little about the light being bright, you wanted us to turn it off. The anesthesiologist got you all IV'd up and rolled you into surgery. I was really
impressed at how together they were. Mom, Jackie and I were in the cafeteria when Dad and Diana arrived. Mom and I had a bet about how long the surgery would be. She said an hour. I said an hour per leg. It took an hour and 15 minutes. When we got buzzed (they gave us a beeper) that you were out of surgery, the doctor came out to talk to us and he was grinning from ear to ear. He said the surgery went well. It was a success! He said that he didn't cast your feet because he was able to release the tendons enough that you didn't need the casts to hold the position. I am so excited to see you progress!!

When you arrived at Baylor, they weighed you and you gained some weight : ) You weigh 114.3 lbs. Have you been sneaking some midnight snacks? Ha! Jackie and I left after you got some what settled in. Mom, Dad and Diana stayed. And then eventually it was just mom. I'm not sure what time she left but she sent me an email because her phone was on the it is:

Johnny is all settled in. I went by Traymore and got a ton of meds. I
couldn't believe how many different ones there are for anxiety and insomnia.
When I left the nurse was turning him and was going to give him a bed bath,
etc. He watched a little of Wyatt Earp and then lost interest.
Tell Cody thanks for helping out today. I really appreciate all the great
work he did around here this last week. He is so special to me!!
I am charging my phone now so talk to you tomorrow! Goodnight Peanut -
Granny loves you.
Oh yeah, Cody and Jackie are cute too..............

Mom is talking about the work Cody's been doing to get ready for the room add on. They came out a few days ago and poured the .... I can't remember what they are called ... for the foundation. Anyway, they are getting started and it won't be long until you have a room to come home to that will be comfortable for you and have everything that you need.

Want to hear some Mickey and Jennifer trivia...
20 years ago today at around 10pm, Mickey and I met.

Love you Johnny! You did really good today!! xo Jen

December 22, 2009


Well, tomorrow is your big day. I came to visit you today and even before I walked in I could hear you moaning from the hallway. I'm not sure what you had to say but when I came in you stopped. I said my hellos and then I asked you if you wanted to eat. You said "eat". So, I fed you some blueberry with apples and some Dr. Pepper. You did really good with the food and ate it pretty quick but you kept spitting out the coke. I tried several times but gave up. Next we worked on exercising your arms and legs. You complained the whole time! I have to say it was a real issue for me to lean over the bed and although you got a good work out, I'm not sure it was as thorough as mom gives you. It wore us both out! You fell asleep pretty quick afterwards. I started packing up your room...I didn't want mom to have to do it by herself. I know I interrupted your sleeping because you kept opening your eyes to see what I was doing. It took me 5 trips to the car to carry all your stuff out. Now tell me, how does one person collect so much stuff? When I finally got everything loaded, I had to rest so I read to you the Christmas cards that Aunt Donna and Leroy sent you. You were so sweet, Aunt Donna's card played music and I read you the card and we played the music and then you took the card up to your lips and kissed it. I had my camera so I asked you to do it again so I could take a picture and you did. When I read Leroy's to you, you held it and stared at it and then gave it a kiss too. I love how sweet you are! Well, get some have a big day tomorrow.

Love you!! xo Jen

Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21, 2009


Well, you are all set for you surgery on Wednesday. We don't have a time yet but everything is in place. You have no idea what's going to happen to you but it's really going to help speed your recovery along. Tomorrow should be your last night at Traymore. They have been really good to you. I know they are going to miss you!

Love you!! xo Jen

P.S. Mickey and I went to the doctor today and our baby is 2 inches long. Isn't that cool! The baby was dancing around in my belly like it was doing water ballet. My doctor said that the baby is doing really good and the chance for miscarriage at this stage is very slim. I think I told you that there is a clot in my uterus near the baby and it was something to be concerned about but the bigger the baby gets the less chance of the clot effect things. So, this is a good thing and we are on cloud nine!!

December 20, 2009


Today was pretty much the same as previous days, except....

Mom has been trying different foods with you to see what you like. She said that she got you some scrambled eggs to try. She would get a bite, dip it in ketchup, and feed you. She said that you did good and seemed to enjoy them. She took the red cap off your trach just as you started to cough. She said she was dodging egg bullets because they were shooting out of your trach. I laughed so hard when she told me that story. I pictured her taking cover while you pelted her with ketchup ladled egg pellets. Ha!

Love you!! xo Jen

December 19, 2009


Today was our annual girls only Neiman Marcus luncheon. Jackie was excited and her hair looked beautiful! Wouldn't you know it's the one day I leave the house without my camera. We did get a group photo with Santa. I really felt weird about going, with you being where you are. I know it doesn't make sense, it's not even something you've ever done with us....cause your a boy : ) I think it's just having a good time that makes me feel guilty.

Jackie went home with Diana after our lunch and I headed to see you. Mom had you in the chair when I got there and you were doing some arm exercises. She gave you the magnetic letters and you pointed randomly at letters. You weren't in the mood. I kept trying to get you to say baby but you wouldn't. Finally I asked you where was my baby and you pointed to my stomach. I feel sure you understand that I'm pregnant. We had the aids put you back in bed because you were exhausted. When mom and I left, you were zoned out. You had a pretty hard day. Mom said that you attended a Christmas party early and listened to a preacher preach and the choir sing. Mom said you moaned and groaned the whole time. I wonder what you were thinking?

Love you!! xo Jen

December 18, 2009


Mom had meetings with contractors today on the construction of your new room. It's going to be really nice when it's finished. Mom's making sure it has everything you need to be comfortable while you recover.

Dad stayed with you all day today. He said that y'all did exercises and then you ate. He said that you groaned a lot but he said that he didn't think you were in any pain.

Love you!! xo Jen

Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17, 2009


Well, you are all set for your surgery on the 23rd.

Mom said that she worked your arms and legs today. You ate off the lunch tray today...potatoes, cake icing, green beans, and cod which you quickly spit out. Later this afternoon you had apple and blueberries which you love! Mom said that she discovered your IV had come completely out of your hand because you were leaking IV fluid all over your bed. They decided to give you the last two doses of antibiotics through injection.

Buddy came to visit you today. Mom said he takes charge just like one of the family. He is part of the really have some catching up to do with him. He's taking really good care of Abby, he said she's fit right in.

Mom said you groaned all day long, every exhale had a noise attached...we don't think your hurting. Maybe you just like the sound of your voice. Hmmm...

Love you!! xo Jen

December 16, 2009


It's been 6 months since your accident....

When mom came into your room today, you were sleeping. She said you were nearly in a ball but looked very comfortable. So, what did she do? Woke you up!
Mom said all you wanted to do today was sleep. She had the girls put you in your chair and took you to the second floor. she said you stacked checkers, one stack of black and one stack of red. You counted the checkers as you stacked them. Mom got a phone call while you were doing that and you decided to take advantage and went to sleep. Ha!

Okay Johnny, I really don't know what to say about this. Your mother is hysterical! She decided that she was going to put you back in herself...She lifted you up out of the chair, and turned and put you on the bed. Well, no, it was more like you both fell onto the bed. So, your lying there (at the foot of the bed) and your bottom and your legs are hanging off the side. Luckily for you, she decided to put some pillows along the rail in case your head hit the rail. What do you think? Do you think your head hit the rail? So, you laying there hanging off the bed giving mom a dirty look that you must have really worked on because you don't normally give those and I'm sure she's laughing at herself. She pulls you up, turns you and your finally laying in the bed. Well, after that, you both needed a nap.

I don't know what we're going to do with the lady! She does keep me laughing though!!

Love you!! xo Jen

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009


I came into your room this morning and you were sleeping. I woke you up and said hi and you said hi and then went back to sleep. I turned on some Christmas music and sat down next to your bed. The lady came in to do an EKG on you. You did not like her putting the cold probes on you but, you did good. While she was doing the test, Dr. Probies nurse came in and we discussed your bottom and your incision on your tummy. She said she's going to order some antibiotic ointment for those areas. She told me that mom and I are doing a good job with you. It felt good for her to say that but honestly, we wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

Mickey and I went Christmas shopping for Cody tonight. He wants a 22 hand gun. I just can't wrap my mind around that. Why? What on earth does he need that for? Mickey says it's to shoot at stuff at the deer lease. Okay, I know he's been taught gun safety but I'm still not okay with it. I know if you could, you'd tell me your opinion and I wouldn't like it at all so I'm going to tell myself your on my side about this and you don't think it's a good idea either! Thanks bud...that was some good hashing it out!

Love you!! xo Jen

December 14, 2009


Well, mom finally heard from Baylor and they said no on an early arrival for you. They don't want to send up any red flags for the insurance company. I could scream but it doesn't effect you in anyway so it'll be alright! We were just trying to not have to pay out of pocket to the skilled nursing facility because your coverage for that particular facility has been maxed.

Mom said you did really good today. Tried new food...did your exercises...

I love you! xo Jen

email from Christy:
I just wanted to tell you and Mickey congratulations. I can still remember running into you after I had Kelsie and you telling me that y'all were trying to have a baby. That seems like a lifetime ago, it is wonderful that God's miracles work when we are so focused on other things in our lives. It is a blessing and we are so happy for your family. I know Johnny is excited as he loves children so much. I have been following the blog so closely. I have been interviewing for jobs in the morning, keeping kids in the afternoon to supplement my income and remodeling our house at night. I will be out see Johnny as soon as I am done with my hardwood floors that I am laying. I have to hurry with that as I pulled up all my carpet. Hopefully that will be no later than the end of this week. Please tell him that we love him and continue to pray for his progress that he is making, we are so very proud of him. Let Jackie know that she is doing a great job adjusting and by her grades she is handling everything so well. So proud of her. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Christy & Kelsie

December 13, 2009


When Jackie and I walked in your room today, John and Aunt Maggie were there. It was really good to see them! Aunt Maggie fed you mac n' cheese and you did really well! She told you a joke and when she got to the punch line, your face changed. You started smiling and without sound, you laughed! Aunt Maggie and I both started tearing up. I keep praying for the day you come back...I know it's any time now! I know it is! After John and Aunt Maggie left, I fed you some pudding, the pink stuff, not sure what it's called but every time you eat that, you aspirate. And today was no different. I had to suction you and suction you and then dump the "junk" cup because it was all pink like it had blood. I didn't want them freakin out after we left thinking you had blood in your lungs...the things I do for you. I also told mom not to buy that stuff and she agreed. I checked your incision on your tummy and it does look a little infected but mom had put ointment and a bandage on it so I didn't mess with it. Your bottom looks pretty bad too but the nurses had treated it as well. They're keeping you propped on your side now so that has got to feel better. Oh, I also did your leg exercises. Jackie was amazed at how limber you are. Had a great visit Johnny! It's always so hard leaving you. I feel for all the patients there that have no visitors. I'm so sorry you have to be there but mom's working on the remodel and you'll be home soon! Love you, love you!! xo Jen

December 12, 2009


Mom said that she was going to have the aids get you up today and put you in the chair but your bottom was too bad. I guess instead of that she decided to feed you all day...ha! You had 3 bites of a milky way, you grabbed a french fry out of her hand and stuffed it in your mouth, she said she gave you some chorrizo (I'm sure I spelled that wrong!) and egg burrito and you spit it out as fast as it went in.
Mom said she worked your arms and legs pretty hard today. Progress!! That's what we're praying for. Keep up the hard work little brother!!

Love you!! xo Jen

Monday, December 14, 2009

December 11, 2009


Well Mom gave you a work out today. She worked your arms and legs, and you didn't like it much at all! She had the aids help her put you in your chair and took you up to the therapy room. No one was there but she was still able to work with you. You pushed beads around on the metal wires...this works your arms and your brain. You have to lift your arms up to move the beads along the wires and you did really good with that. Mom gave you some checkers, the red and black large ones and told you to stack them. That's all the instruction she gave you. You stacked those checkers red, black, red, black...then you got to where you needed a red and you had two blacks real close and a red a little further back. She said she watched you as you reached as far as you could and got that red and put it next on the stack. It's amazing that you decided you wanted to do a pattern and that's what you did! Mom took you down to the dining room to feed you today and there was a piano player and a little girl singing. You enjoyed that. Mom said that you ate really good and she even gave you a half a peanut butter cracker. She said you pushed it over to your teeth so you could chew it. You also crunched on ice which we forget to do with you but it really works your chewing motion.

Mom said that she set up your table with your magnetic letters on them and that you spelled "it's behind me" she asked you what's behind you and you spelt "my behind".
When she got you back to the room and checked things out on your behind, she saw that you have a pretty bad wound. It must have been hurting with all the sitting you were doing in your chair. Mom said that she made a sign for the nurses and aids to keep you off your bottom and either on your left or right side. I can't wait until you can use your voice. I hate to think that your in pain because we don't understand when you try to communicate with us.

Love you!! xo Jen

Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 10, 2009


I came to visit you today. Your room was all moved around. I asked the nurse what happened and she said she had no idea but she really liked it. When I told mom later, she said she did it. Ha! I should have know. OCD...she doesn't think she has it...maybe a little! I fed you and in between each bite, you fell asleep. It took almost an hour to eat about a 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes and about 1/4 cup of diet coke. You did really good though, there was nothing when I suctioned you.

Dr. Thomas came by before I got there and took off your belly bandage and your back bandage. Everything to me looked really good. Your wound was dry and clean. He said that you didn't have to have a bandage on it anymore. He upped your pump too. I think that was why you were so sleepy.

I turned on Christmas music and wrote a note to mom while you slept. You woke up when I left and it was so hard to leave. I hugged you and I don't know where it came from but I started crying and you put your right hand on my left shoulder like you were consoling me. This really sucks Johnny! It really sucks!

I miss you! I love you! xo Jen

December 9, 2009


Mom said she hasn't heard from the insurance company regarding your move. Sure hope we hear something soon. Mom said you did real good today. You ate good and did your exercise. You complained a lot but you did them. Not like she was going to give you a choice though, ha!

I got an email from Aunt Von:
Dearest Jennifer and Jackie and Johnny,

I should be horse-whipped for not writing sooner and I do not have a good excuse, just old age and laziness.

Especially since you, Jennifer, go to all of the trouble of writing the blog and keeping it current so that we might know hundreds of miles away what is happening to Johnny and even the rest of the family.
Thank you so very much for all of your time and effort that goes into it. Thank you is just so insignificant.

Johnny you have a very special sister and a special daughter and also a special Mom that has fought every step of the way for you.

Hey, Jackie those were great grades. Keep up the good work. I am sure your Dad is very proud of you.. Next time you see him give him a big hug from me and his Uncle Don.

Johnny your Uncle Don said to tell you to hurry out of that bed and he will take you fishing like when you were little. Should be a farm pond around somewhere that you know about....Isn't there?

Jennifer tell Johnny we are praying for him each and everyday. I know God has been answering some of our prayers as we can continue to see improvement each day. We just get a mite impatient. All in God's time.

Take care and Love to all of you!
Love and Prayers.....
Aunt Von and Uncle Don

You sure have a lot of fans in your corner! I can't wait for you to read your blog someday!

Love you!! xo Jen

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 8, 2009


I had a GREAT visit with you today!

When I got there, you were awake and chewing on your glove. I took it off and asked you what you wanted or needed. I gave you your magnets but you just pushed them around. I asked you if you wanted to eat and you said yes. I said what do you want to eat and you said pudding. So, you got pudding! You chose chocolate pudding. I also gave you some ham. You ate most of the ham and about half the pudding. I gave you a box of Kleenex and showed you how to pull it out of the box and you did really well with that. I would give you a bite and then you would wipe your mouth with the Kleenex. I had you swallow twice in between bites and we also would practise your vowels between bites. When I suctioned you, there was nothing there! Yeah!!

When you were done eating, I shaved you. You kept your eyes closed the whole time but when I was done, I asked you to feel your face and tell me if I missed a spot. You lifted your hand up to your chin and felt your face. I wanted to cry! I love when it's clear that you understand me!

When I was finished shaving you, I moved your bed from the wall so I could get behind your head to shampoo you. I think they must be using something that doesn't wash out on your hair because it looks clean but feels ... well, not so clean. Anyway, I shampooed your hair and spent extra time massaging your head and you just moaned and then took a breath and moaned and took a breath. I think you were really enjoying it.

Next, I wiped your face real good with a warm rag and cleaned your ears - which you hate and your teeth - which you love. I got you all lotioned up and you were out! Sound asleep!

While you were sleeping, your Doctor's nurse came in to visit and she said that you have a UTI. Bummer! I said, no, that's not convenient! You are due to have surgery on the 23rd and it can't be done if you have an infection! I really wanted to scream! She said that she would order you some antibiotics to be used right away and for the next 10-14 days. She said that they would wait to do the pre surgery evaluation and blood work until it's closer to the date of surgery so that hopefully the infection will be gone. She said that in a few days you will be feeling better.
That's when it hit me, you haven't been very've been lethargic...must have been the infection. I really wish you had a way to let us know, we don't always know what to look for.

Your coughing has been very minimal during my visit. I ran out of time and couldn't do your exercises, but I told Diana and she said she would do them for me.

I had such a great visit with you Johnny, listening to Christmas's so peaceful in your room. I was thankful you were sleeping when I left, it always makes me sad to leave when your looking at me.

Love you so much little brother!! xo Jen

P.S. Our secret:

Right before Mickey and I were married, we discovered we were pregnant...with Cody. The doctor said that he was a true miracle because I don't ovulate and pregnancy for me was next to impossible. Well, right after Cody was born, Mickey and I started trying to conceive again. It went on like that for about 10 years or so with us trying fertility drugs, artificial insemination, and all the humiliating tests etc. along the way. We prayed that the Lord would bless us with another child. At some point, we decided that we were content in waiting patiently for our grandchildren. Until....I recently went to the doctor because my lower back on the right side hurt constantly and I had some other female issues I won't bore you with. The doctor sent me for a sonogram and during the procedure, the technician sounded like she saw something. I asked her if she found something. She said yes. I said well, what are you looking at? She said, well, right now I'm looking at a heartbeat. That's right! At 40 (me) and 44 (Mickey) with an 18 year old son, we are starting over. We're pregnant. Our God has a sense of humor!! He has truly blessed us and continues to bless us. The truth is, we prayed for a baby (when we wanted it) we stopped asking (when our time limit was reached)...what we failed to remember, it's God's time! All in His timing! Mickey and I could not be happier! That is, after Mickey got over the fact that his retirement date was kicked back by years! Ha!

Johnny found out right after we did and that's when he kept writing my name. Mom said that for days I was on his mind. When I spend time with him now, I'll ask him where's my baby and he'll point to my tummy.

This pregnancy is a blessing but it does come with some age being one of them along with some female "stuff". The baby is due in July.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to pray for Johnny and our family and thank you for sharing in our most recent miracle. God continues to bless!!!

Much love~ Jen

December 7, 2009


Mom was on the phone for most of the defending, pleading and stating your case. You couldn't as for a better advocate!

She keeps telling me that I need to share our secret on the blog...I'm going to come see you tomorrow and I'll ask you what you think. I think she just can't keep a secret, maybe we should see how long she can hold out! ha!

Mom said that when she got there, she fed you....KFC potatoes....if that doesn't fatten you up, I don't know what will.

She said she did your exercises and the whole time you complained. I do not blame you! I hate to exercise too!

See you in the morning. Love you!! xo Jen

Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6, 2009


Mom and Robert came up to see you today. Mom said that you were congested when she got there and had to suction you. She exercised your legs and worked with you on your vowels. She said you were writing with pen and paper. She said you were awake the whole time they visited. I bet you were beat when they left.

Your friends Buddy and Tammy came by today and took your dog Abby to their house. They have a boxer and another dog so Abby is going to have a lot of fun! Jackie was okay with it, Buddy said she could come visit Abby whenever she wants and they live in Midlothian. They will give her a good home and take great care of her. Buddy said that when you get ready to have her back, she's yours. Your so blessed to have the Brooks as friends!

I hope you had a good day, I'm counting the days until your surgery (seems like that's all I do these days!) I can't wait until your back at Baylor, rehabbing it up! You know you charm the ladies where ever you go!

Love you!! xo Jen

December 5, 2009


Jackie and I came to see you this morning. You were asleep when we walked in and we were very quiet to not wake you up...yes, I said Jackie was quiet. Ha! That's a tough one to believe! But, I was anxious to say hello so I woke you up. You were so sweet! When you saw me, you said hi and then I told you Jackie was hiding in the corner of the room and you moved your eyes around the room until you saw her. I wish so much that you could smile or register your emotions. I know you had a smile for us! I took off your glove and you held my hand.

You were a little congested so I suctioned you. I ended up having to suction you a lot while I was there. You napped on and off for about an hour and a half, and the squirrels were wild outside your window so Jackie occupied her time by taking pictures of them. The birds were very busy too. It was really cold today so I guess the animals were feeling frisky.

You and Jackie watched cartoons and played with your magnet letters.

When we left, you were sleeping soundly.

It's always so hard to leave you. I really don't think you have a concept of time, so that makes it easier!

Love you!! xo Jen

P.S. Aren't secrets fun....Johnny and I know a secret. Or, I should say, Johnny knows my secret and he's not telling - are you Johnny! Love you! Jen

December 4, 2009


I went Christmas shopping today and you weren't very far from my mind. It just doesn't seem right with you being in the hospital. I would love to put a tree up in your room but, I'm not sure how long your going to be there. I'm not sure if your even aware of what month it is, you seem so happy with the things we all take for granted, like eating. That's your favorite thing right now. I guess I'm feeling a little down...I'm going to come see you tomorrow and bring Jackie. She's doing really good. I've been meaning to post her grades:

Science - 91
Math - 90
Reading/ Language arts - 100
JV Treble Choir - 98
Coed Tennis - 99
Social Studies - 95

All A's again! We are so proud of her Johnny and I know you are too!! One of her teachers commented that She has shown improvement, has a positive attitude toward learning and readily contributes to class discussion. Again, very proud of her!!

Cody graduated his EMT class. He is registered for and waiting to take his National Registry test for EMT. He's scheduled to take a paramedic's class in January. You would really be proud of him Johnny and the stories he tells about what he's seen...he's so grown up!

See you tomorrow! Love you!! xo Jen

December 3, 2009


Good news! You had your appointment today and you are scheduled for your surgery on the 23rd. There is a possibility that we can get you in on the 16th if there is a cancellation. The doctor said that he is planning on releasing your muscle further up in the calf to get you more release. Then They will cast your legs. Mom is trying really hard to get you moved to Baylor rehab insurance coverage for Traymore has met it's max so we'll have to pay out of pocket until you move to Baylor. Crazy insurance rules, they'll pay for Baylor but have a limit on the skilled nursing. I will never understand! Anyway, I'm glad you survived your doctors appointment. I know it's very tiring to travel by ambulance.

Love you!! xo Jen

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 2, 2009


You had an x-ray done on your lungs yesterday because you've been coughing a lot and have a lot of secretions. Your x-ray showed no pneumonia. The doctor thinks you may have a common cold with allergies. You had physical therapy today and the girls worked your back and legs. They had you setting up in the bed. Mom said that since you don't have pneumonia, she started feeding you again....the nurse thought we might want to hold off until we found out. Also, your appointment for tomorrow was confirmed. You have a 4:15 appointment with the Achilles tendon doctor. Hopefully you will be cleared for surgery pretty quick.

Love you!! xo Jen

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1, 2009



My most favorite time of the year!! I am so grateful your more aware of what's going on and your starting to progress! God has surely blessed us with so many miracles this year! I look forward to sitting down with you one day soon and reading over your blog with you. You have come so far!

I came to visit this morning. When I got there, you were very tired. You slept in your bed and I slept in your chair. I'd open my eyes and look at you and you would be looking at me. I would blow you a kiss and you would blow one back. I love the sweet side of you but I would love just once to hear you say...Mom, she's looking at me! It broke my heart to leave you, you seemed like you didn't feel good or something. But, it was raining and I had to get back to Midlothian to pick up Cooper from MDO.

Mom came up as soon as I left, to see you. She said that they had you sitting in a chair today. That's great! You've been in the bed since your surgery and I know how you like to be in the chair. Mom said that you were spelling with your letters and you spelled "how do I eat" So, she explained to you how you are getting your food. Then she said you spelled I ____ Jennifer but she couldn't make out the middle word. She said a little bit later you spelled my name again. I'm so thankful that you remember me!

You have no fever and you are no longer taking antibiotics. Mom said you have an ambulance scheduled to pick you up on Thursday for you Achilles tendon appointment. I'll be praying that the appointment works out in your favor!

Love you!! xo Jen

November 29, 2009


Mom and Sandra came to visit today after church. Mom said that they were doing your exercises and you kept repeating ouch, over and over. Apparently, it didn't make them stop...ha! You have a lot of mucus today and your coughing a lot. Mom said that she had to suction you quite a bit. She fed you KFC mash potatoes and gravy and then you took a nap. Mom also said that your turning your knee in and out. Johnny, that is so great!! Keep up the hard work!!

Love you!! xo Jen

November 28, 2009


Mom & Jackie came to visit you today. They were there most of the day. Mom said that she did your exercises and you were very loose. Jackie filled all the bird feeders outside in the courtyard. She was filling a feeder outside a mans room and looked up and he was smiling at her. I feel for these patients, most of them don't get very many visitors. Mom said that when they were getting ready to go, she told you she was going to my house and you told her you wanted to go. I sure wish you could and I'm waiting for the day!

Love you!! xo Jen

Email from Leroy:
Hi Jennifer,

I am soooooo happy that Johnny's surgery came out ok.
Feels like he is turning a good and happy page!
tell him I said Hello and I love him.
Tell your family Happy Thanksgiving and that our prayers are
with you all out there.

Love you Jennifer,