Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009

The nurse said that your doctor wants to cut your feeding tube from 24 hours a day to 23 hours a day. They are also changing it from 75 to 80...I think that's the flow.

Texas Specialty Hospital of Dallas came by while Mom and I were both visiting you today. They are a long term acute care facility. They just showed up out of the blue. The lady that visited with Mom said that she thinks the doctor at Manorcare called them or had them called...anyway, it's a good thing and very encouraging. This facility offers extensive wound care ... in your situation, because your not moving around there is a chance for bedsores. You've already gotten a few little ones on your feet. (mainly because your so tall you slide down in the bed and your feet rest on the foot board - I won't be surprised one bit if mom doesn't bring her Phillips screw driver and removes know she's crazy like that!) They also offer physical therapy several times a day. They will do leg exercises with you so you won't be so stiff. And, they ween patients off of the trachea. That alone would be wonderful! If we are able to keep you in long term acute care long enough to progress, then you can be moved to rehab. That's what we're praying for this week!

I came by to visit with you and I was there for about an hour and Christy, her mom Kathy and Kelsie came by to see you. We visited for a while and then they left. You must have been wore out because you fell asleep and you were so sound that I shaved you. Pretty close shave if I do say so myself....I'm sure you'd say thank you if you could. I didn't even cut you : )

Mickey came by this morning and he said you were all over the place with your right arm. He said you were angry. I think you make him uncomfortable when your like that. I just tell you to stop acting like a brat. It doesn't work, you don't listen but it makes me feel really have been a brat and I'm making a list for you of all the people you need to apologize in particular is Buddy, you pinched him yesterday, pretty hard too!

Mom said that you bumped your IV and you had blood all in the bed. It was the IV that they were suppose to take out (you've got two in your arm) today. I guess they are wishing they had taken it out now. See, your a brat! Mom said she was doing your fingernails on your left hand and you made a terrible face. She said Johnny if that hurts hold up two fingers and you lifted two fingers on your right hand. AMAZING! The things we take for granted. I'm proud of you little brother!!

From mom:
Jackie and I went to Dr. John's office today. She had to get 2 shots for school. Then we went to the dentist to get her teeth cleaned and x-rayed - no cavities! She does need braces though, we'll do that in January. (5pm) Your sleeping, Jennifer wore you out, you have the best sister ever Johnny! Your pneumonia is back with a vengeance. They put in a picc line to give you antibiotics. You will probably be moving again. Diana and I will check out Texas Specialty Hospital near love field tomorrow. It sounds promising. Now that you are waking up, you need more therapy. We're hopeful. I think maybe God is taking over.


  1. Well if your being a pain in the butt like Jennifer says then you must be getting better. Your always in my thoughts. Keep fighting and stay strong. Love you. Adeana

  2. that's awesome!!! he hears you!!!! :)