Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 22, 2009

Mom, Jackie and I came to see you today. You seemed really calm and sweet. I asked you if you knew who I was and you patted me on the arm. I gave you a shave and mom cleaned your feet. You looked so comfortable were moving your right arm up and down but it wasn't in an agitated way. You were coughing a lot. The man next to you plays Hispanic music really loud, mom was teasing you, telling you when you started talking it would be in Spanish. Oh, I've been meaning to tell you this, you have a nurse, ( I need to get her name) she calls mom and I honey and sweetie, she tells us all the time that she's praying for you. She's really sweet. She'll say, Yea...I told Johnny to get on up outta there. Just come on Johnny and get on up outta there. She said, I know he hears me and I'm a pray'in for him. You would love her! Maybe you already do, you need to wake up and tell me. You have tons of people praying for you Johnny! I know you can feel it!

Psalm 25:5
Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you.

I believe! I believe! I believe! God is going to pull you "up outta there"!!!
What amazing things He must be whispering in your ear! Honestly, I wouldn't want to wake up either ... God loves you, so much more than we ever could. Why wouldn't you want to lay there and listen to Him. Amazing love Johnny, God has amazing love for you! XO Jen

Kathy sent you an email, I'm going to paste it below:
Hey there, Cuz -
I've left a few messages on your Facebook page for you to read, so WAKE UP and read them already!! Wish I lived closer so I could visit and arm wrestle with you - bet you would win :) You have a lot of love around you, Lil Johnny, and I know you are feeling it. You are always in my thoughts & prayers. I love you, Kathy

From Buddy & Tammy:
Tammy and I came to visit with you this morning. You had your glove opened up on the end and were holding your catheter tube. I had to pry it out of your hand. You acted like you were mad when I did that but it was best for you. I had the nurse check and make sure it was alright. We put your glove back on. I hate seeing you up here. I will be glad when they get the pump in. I really think it will help you a lot. I wish you would stop trying to pull all of your tubes out but I guess I would do the same thing if I were in your place. Please get better soon, we really miss you.
Love-Buddy & Tammy
P.S. When I asked you to raise two fingers and you did it with no hesitation. I was so glad to see that!

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  1. Hey! Johnny,
    Uncle Jackie is waiting to talk to you. We are praying for you everyday. Granny is ancious to get to talk to you too. We Love you Lots and Lots. Get UP!!!!
    Uncle Jackie and Aunt Pam