Monday, August 10, 2009

June 21, 2009

You have bruises on your arms. We decided that it must have been caused by the windshield of your motorcycle.'s from the nurses pinching you to get a response. You had a little fever last night and were given Tylenol. You've lost some of your scabs so your starting to look more like yourself. Today they had to draw arterial gas from a vein in your foot. Two male nurses tried - you jerked, clenched your teeth and coughed. Then a female nurse tried and you didn't even move. What's that about Johnny? Some of Dad's biker friends are planning a benefit for you and Jackie ... I don't know the date yet. You would laugh if you saw mom, for three days she's been wearing two different colors of socks. One brown and one black... you know she's crazy! Wake up so we can make fun of her!! Mom and Robert picked up your bike from the storage place they towed it to. It looks like it fell on it's nose. We expected it to be bent in two judging by your injuries. I wish we knew what happened. Did you lose control? Were you forced off the road? So many questions that only you can answer and you might not even remember...We're still praying, that's all we can do for you now. Please wake up!

Update email from Dad & Diana:
His daddy and I were blessed to be able to spend most of the day with him. He did get his trach done and did fine. He is still unconscious. They are giving him pain medications IV and tube feedings. I can see his eyes moving behind his eyelids and his eye lashes flutter but when I open his eyes, there is no response still. Due to the type of head injury he has, his temperature is out of whack and some other vital signs are abnormal from time to time. They've started him on medication to hopefully regulate the autonomic nervous system. We expect them to move him to a room anytime. He will go to rehab and then work toward an Acute long term care place. We appreciate your prayers. We have at least someone from all faiths praying for him. ... Even the Buddhists (thanks Maggie). We know there is a lot of power in prayer and that God does work miracles. There is so much to think about now but we continue to focus on each day and getting through it. Please remember his mom, Nancy, in your prayers. She has been the rock for everyone and we don't want her to collapse under the weight of it all. I've always loved Nancy but I truly love her more now and have drawn strength from her each day.
Thank you for the prayers, phone calls, cards and love you have shown us. We will update you as we get new "news".

Diana and Johnny

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