Monday, August 10, 2009

June 18, 2009

We heard from the Orthopedic doctor today. He told us that you have four spinal fractures. Your being fitted for a brace. He also told us that your spinal column got dinged ... not sure what that means but it doesn't sound good. Mom had to give the doctors permission today for a trachea and a feeding tube. It will be better for you not to have all the tubes in your mouth and throat and it will be easier on us. It's so hard to see you this way Johnny. Your having a MRI today to see what your brain is doing. They take you every night for a CT scan. Another doctor, another procedure ... they are going to put an umbrella in a vein to catch any blood clots that may form. They're also moving you to another bed that has air pumped into it. This will help to prevent bed sores. Your Orthopedic doctor is putting braces on your hands and feet. We are praying hard for you Johnny. Do you feel our prayers? Do you hear our voices? Are you in pain? So many visitors today, it's really very overwhelming.

Update email sent out by Diana:
Good morning everyone,
Thank you all so much for your sweet words and prayers for Johnny and our family. I'm at home gathering up for another day and wanted to send you all a quick note.
Johnny is receiving wonderful care. He now responds to pain but his Glasgow Coma score still remains at a 4 and that's not good although it can improve over time. He has several fractures in his neck but at this point they do not see spinal cord involvement. There are no other injuries presenting either so that's all good. It appears to be a one vehicle (motorcycle) incident. He was on a winding country road and lost control on a curve. Some one came along or witnessed it because it seems he got help right away. We have not been able to speak to the state trooper who worked the accident yet to obtain further details. Johnny's daughter got to visit yesterday, she is 12 and has a lot to absorb with all this. The child life people at Parkland are amazing as well. Yall, I can't get over the level of compassion I have witnessed this past couple of days from the staff there. It was very unexpected and I have a newer respect for the place. If you want to see how good you have it, just take a tour through the halls over there someday. It will break your heart. But to know that the caregivers respect and treat those less fortunate with integrity and such compassion, its been a good thing for me to witness.
Thank you all again for your love and prayers and support. We couldn't get through this without you.
God bless,

Update email sent out by Diana & Dad:
Thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayers, calls and emails. They mean so much to us. We are very heavy hearted tonight as the reality is really hitting us. We remain hopeful but we've learned a lot about brain injuries today. Johnny has what the doctors believe is a severe diffuse axonal injury. 90% of severe axonal injuries remain in a vegetative state. He will go for an MRI which will further assist in a determination of the injury. His coma scale remains at a 4 and they are not seeing any progress that they would hope to see at this point. On Monday he will be PEG'd and Trach'd. (ask the nurses among you) They started him on tube feedings, are still keeping him somewhat sedated. He has many friends which we are glad to meet…. He is such a shy kid that we had no idea he knew so many people. They've all told us what a good friend he is, how hard he works and how much they value him. The American Airlines Center has obtained a suite for the family in a local hotel near Parkland for the next few days. Johnny's mom lives 2 or so hours away and it is a great relief for her to be close. He continues to receive excellent care and we feel your prayers for him and us. Thank you again.
Diana and Johnny

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