Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 14, 2009

Johnny, Mickey, Jackie and I came to see you tonight. Mom was still there (I don't know when that woman sleeps!) You were pretty active, playing with your chicken (handheld squeak toy). Jackie rubbed your hands with lotion and for the first time since your accident, she seemed really at ease around you. That was until... The therapist told mom that it would be good if she got a sucker and let you taste it. So, she did. Well, you chomped down on that thing and bit the tip off. Mom yelled for a nurse (you know she's dramatic! ha! It was scary!) You clamped your teeth down and would not budge. I'm telling you Johnny, you are stubborn! I had to pry your teeth open with the end of your toothbrush. Mom and her crazy self decides to stick her finger in there to retrieve the sucker pieces and you bit her so hard! She yelled at me! ME! Like I bit her...You really need to wake up and see now crazy your mother is! Well, then she finally gets the candy out and starts laughing. It was scary...come to think of it, she didn't tell me she was sorry!

I was thinking to I usually do...ha! There really isn't anything that she wouldn't do for you, even sticking her finger into your mouth to retrieve candy that you might choke on. The boundaries of her love for you is endless. As much as she loves you, God loves you more...that is so hard to grasp. He created you. He knows every single hair on your head. He knew you'd be on that road that night, alone. He wasn't done with you Johnny, He sent that truck around the curve, to see you. To call for help. It was all perfectly aligned. God's plan. I know that God doesn't create the circumstances that we get ourselves into but he does use those circumstances to His greater good. I think about my love for Cody, I can't even imagine losing him and yet God sent His perfect son to die for us. Wow! That's love!

You are so loved little brother! You take all the time you need to come back to us. We will be here, patiently waiting and cheering you on for every single accomplishment you have. You raised two fingers on command...PRAISE GOD! I'm so proud of you! Your in there, I know you are. I'll see you soon little brother!

From Mom:
Diana came by - when she said, "Hi Johnny" and leaned in, you reached for her.

From Diana:
You are so active! You pulled my hand to your mouth. Either you kissed my hand or you wanted to smoke. You had such a desperate afraid look on your face. I wish I knew what you are trying to say. I love you so much! I can't come tomorrow but maybe Sunday. I think you are mad about something.

From Melinda:
Came by and you scared me half to death. I'm glad to see you. I miss you a lot. Don't be too mad with me please, the doctor said I couldn't remove your mitt. Sorry 'Johnny babe' doctor's orders! Mrs. Nancy, Johnny looks wonderful! He scared me when I looked up and he was looking right at me. I went running after the nurse for nothing, she said you've been doing that. I felt dumb! Love you guys, I'll be back tomorrow. Thanks for letting me visit.

From Buddy & Tammy:
Johnny, you are so much more awake today then I have seen you before. You are fighting with everyone and trying to mess with your trachea. You keep trying to pull your trachea off and we are trying to get it put back on. I heard that you raised two fingers for the doctor yesterday, that is the best news I've heard so far. I hope they put the medicine to your nerves soon so that it will be easier for you to wake up. Try really hard to get better, it is so hard waiting for you to come back to us. We love you.

From Christy Navratil:
I came to see you today, you fought every way on everything. You tried to pull up to lean into me several times. If you have something to say, wake up and say it! Buddy and Tammy got here right after me, it was a class reunion in your room. I am so proud of the progress you have made, especially yesterday. You are sweating a lot today but, you have been moving a lot too. When I got here, you had managed to pull the side barrier onto your bed by one Velcro string. You were leaning to the right. At first I couldn't figure out what you were doing until we fixed the bed. You moved yourself over on the right, opened your eye an d got back to work on trying to escape from the bed. I know you have so much in you to come out of this. You proved it to me today. You are resting peacefully now so I'm letting you sleep, but I can't wait for you to wake up! Love you lots! ***I got here around 10am and he woke up for 10 minutes right before 2pm. He grabbed my hand and pulled me toward him until I was hugging him, then he let go and stayed awake for a little longer. I asked him if he knew who I was to squeeze my hand 2 x and he did. All I could do was cry and try to keep talking to him to keep him awake.


  1. From Uncle Jackie,
    We Love You !!!!
    Get your butt out of BED! and get to work!

    From Aunt Pam! Thinking of you everyday. Your in
    my prayers. We Love you!! Tell Uncle Jackie he has no room to talk YOU don't see him working.

  2. From John and Janice,

    We love you(; We will continue to pray for your recovery. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you.