Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 5, 2009

Christy Navratil:
Johnny, me, mom and Kelsie came to see you today. You have got to get well. We have girls that need to be close like we always were. Before I left today you kept opening your eye. You kept it open for a long while. I told you to relax so recovery might be a little easier. I just want you to wake up soon so we can be close again. Love you.

Jackie came by today.

Well it certainly is better without that darn collar. Yay! for your big sister. You look like there is psuedomones in your trachea. How long can you do this? It is so hard to bear. Leroy text'd me today. He still misses you. All the crew does. We closed on the Red Oak house. We are offically homeless. We miss you terribly even tho' we rarely saw you. I wish things had been different. Love you so!

Dr. Attiah came by - chest x-ray is normal - blood count is normal. The green in the jar does not mean infection as I thought it did. He said as long as you are coughing it up it is okay. He even spared with Johnny - the boxing gloves are a nice touch. Without the cfollar he has got to feel good enough to wake up...Right?

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