Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 24, 2009

Jackie started 7th grade today. She was a little nervous but she did really good. She made a couple of new friends and was excited when another little girl asked her to sit with her at lunch.

Mom got a call from a lady at BCBS today. She handles denials and appeals at BCBS. Mom was able to tell her everything that's been going on and asked that BCBS send out their own doctor to evaluate you. The lady told mom she couldn't talk to her about you because you didn't give consent and she didn't have guardianship papers. Mom told her that she faxed them twice. So, right now we're waiting on BCBS to find the papers so they can talk to mom about your care. It's hard not to get my hopes up. I'm praying the decision is in our favor. Well, she called back and said that you are in between their criteria...meaning, your too sick to be were you are and not sick enough to move. The lady suggested mom call and set up appointments for all the doctors you need to see, either to come to Manorcare or for you to go by ambulance to them. Seems like moving you would be cheaper...hmmm

From Mom:
Mick and I came by. They had just changed you but, you were wet again. You're very agitated - wish I could stay and take your glove off. Love you!! Mom

From Christy:
Hey J - I came to see you as soon as I dropped Kelsie off at school. Then I thought about Jackie being at a new school this morning. I sure hope the girls have a wonderful day. You seem agitated this morning. It made me think of all the times growing up when it was the 1st day of school. I remember in 5th grade, our teacher called me by the wrong name all the time. You told me to not answer her when she did that. Funny t hing was, you told her that wasn't my name. I was never so happy to have someone in my corner. Speaking of that, you have so many in your corner. I can't wait for you to get better. I want to take your glove off, but the nurses scared me into not taking it off. Seems you want to pull and grab everything. You did open your eye and look at me while I talked to you this morning. I just wonder if you can remember anything I talk to you about...all the things from our childhood that only you and I know ab out. I wonder if you really know who I am? Do you? They came to weigh you this morning. You are down to 120.8. You didn't enjoy them moving you around. When they were done, you were wide awake. Hurry and get well. The Lord has much work for you to do for Him, He is not done with you.
Love you lots! Christy

From Mom:
Hi Johnny. They put the shirt Jen brought on you. Looks good! Mom

Dad came by to see you, he took off your glove and did your arm exercises.

From Mom:
I'm cleaning your feet - aspercreme will be next. You don't look happy. Mom

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