Sunday, December 12, 2010

December 12, 2010


It was really good to see you Saturday! Cody, Katie, Ty and I came to see you Saturday and when we got there you were having a shower. We were told that you were going to see a movie at the theater and then later that night you were going to look at Christmas lights. The group hadn't decided what to see by the time we left ... I hope you had a good time. I'm sure you did.

You seemed so mad at me this visit and I left feeling terrible. Mom said that when she visits you, you ask her every time when can you come home. Or you tell her you want to go home. You wouldn't even communicate with me. You kept your lips together tightly like i've seen you do a hundred times before your accident when you were mad. You were sweet to Ty, you kissed him and rubbed his feet but you didn't want to talk to me or cody. I wish that you could come home! It breaks my heart to leave you after a visit but i feel like this is the best place for you to progress. If you come home now, you may never be better than you are, but, if you stay and work hard your chance for recovery is so much greater! I know it's a sacrifice! I pray for you everyday Johnny! I know what God can do and I know it's on his time. I will never stop believing that you will come back to your daughter and your friends and family who love you so much!

See you soon little brother, I love you!! XO Jen