Sunday, November 1, 2009

October 30, 2009


You had several visitors today. You met with your Occupational and physical therapists. Your settling into your new facility like a pro!

From Dad/Diana:
Me and Dad are here. You were sweating so much when we got here and you are slot to respond. The nurse said she gave you a pain pill. We gave you ice chips. You chewed them up! You are trying to spell something. Your saying vowels with your mom. She is tireless in your regard . She never gives up and always trying new things for you. We are going to move Sunday and Monday. We miss you and love you so! Diana/Dad
P.S. You sang with me a little. I love you!

Melinda came to visit you on her lunch hour. Buddy came too. Melinda came back at 5pm and stayed until 7pm. She brought you a clip board, paper and pen.

Love you! xo Jen

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