Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009


Mom said that during your speech therapy you had sherbert and coca-cola. WHAT?
The speech therapist said that the carbonation in the soda would make you swallow. You sucked the coke through a straw but were getting too much so they gave it to you by spoon. They said that tomorrow you'll be getting a french fry!!!

Mom said that she was about to leave and put your glove on. You were trying to get it off with your teeth. She said, you can't take that glove off and you said why? She said because, you'll pull out your trach. You dropped your gloved hand and a few seconds later, had it in your teeth again, trying to pull it off. So, mom called me to tell on you and I said let me talk to him. I told you that I thought you should be allowed to take it off. I said maybe we should make mom wear the glove a while. Mom took the phone from you and asked me what I said to you. I said why? And she said because he's hitting me with his glove. Not exactly what I said to do but I guess you made your point! Ha!

Love you!! xo Jen

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