Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11, 2009


Thank you, thank you to all our veterans!! God bless you and your service!!!


Praying for you this morning as you travel to your appointment.

I heard back from Mom after your appointment. The doctor said that it was just a formality because you did so well with the trial. He said that depending on the insurance, you can have the surgery as early as Tuesday of next week. Great news!!
Now, we just have to pray that the insurance comes through with a quick approval.

When you got back from your appointment, your speech therapist gave you a fruit chew to didn't like it. She also tried a cookie and you didn't care for it either. Mom said that she gave you a choice between Dr. Pepper and Coke and you chose coke this time.

It's great to see you progressing! Keep up the hard work!

Love you! xo Jen

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