Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7, 2009


I'm guessing it was spa day at Traymore. Mom gave you a shampoo, shave, cleaned your ears and nose, cut your hair....she said that with the hair cut you look more like yourself. I bet it felt good...well, you probably hated all the fuss!

Mom said that you had part of a hash brown but didn't care for it so the speech therapist had to fish it out of your mouth. You also had pudding, which you liked and Dr. Pepper. Mom said that when they suctioned you, there was no pudding but there was some Dr. Pepper in your lungs. She did say that you had just gotten your meds and you were wanting to sleep and do nothing else. That could be part of the reason.

Love you!! xo Jen

P.S. Cody got a deer today. 8 point, 17 inch spread. I know your proud of him and I know you'll get a kick out of the fact that he shot it out of Mickey's stand! Ha!
I'll post pictures when I can. Love you!

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