Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009


Well, your on the move again. Mom said that the ambulance picked you up around 11:30am and by 1:00pm you were all settled in at Traymore. I don't know a whole lot about Traymore but Mom seems to think it's a good place so that's good.


You are always agitated when you move and today was no different. I think the moving around loosens the phlegm because you were raspy. Mom said that they gave you breathing treatment and suctioned you and you seemed better. I always fear the pneumonia will return when you start having the congestion.

The hospital ordered your air mattress and mom said that it was there before she left. That will help you rest better without having to be rotated every two hours. I hate that you can't have constant consistency...the moving is very upsetting for everyone. Especially mom...she worries about you, about training the nurses on your likes and dislikes, about the doctors messing with your medication. It's just hard and I know it's no picnic for you. I just pray that your able to sleep tonight.

You've really been trying to communicate and you get so frustrated when we can't understand what your trying to say. We've tried talking, we've tried writing...some of it works but you always end up getting frustrated. Mom bought you a magnetic board that has alphabet letters on it. She said that tonight you spelled "by" for bye and "hi" for hi. That's pretty good!

I love you Johnny and I'm praying that you get the baclofen pump soon and can go back to Baylor for your therapy!!

Love you! Love you!! xo Jen

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