Friday, November 27, 2009

November 26, 2009



Mom came up to see you pretty early and stayed until I got there around 1:30 pm. She said when she got there your head was've been keeping it turned to the left. Your left hand was at your waist and your legs were bending a little. She said you ate strawberry applesauce.

When I got there, you were asleep so I sat next to your bed and looked at the Friday sales papers for the crazy shopping day after Thanksgiving. You woke up and pointed for me to come here. You were mumbling something I couldn't tell what you were trying to say so I gave you the magnets and you spelled "I'm hungry". I gave you some of the pumpkin pie I made you and you ate a few bites and then just rolled it around your tongue. I finally wiped it out of the your mouth because you wouldn't swallow it. I gave you some apple sauce and you ate a few bites of it but then you weren't interested. We watched some tv and looked at the sales papers. I put music on for you and we held hands and listened. Eventually you fell asleep and I left...Cody had to do a clinical at the hospital and he was getting off at 7 pm so we could have Thanksgiving dinner. I really wish you could hear all of his ER stories. I know you'd really get a kick out of them and just to see how much he's'd be proud.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving little brother! xo Jen

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