Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 18, 2009


Mom found you a doctor to do the Achilles Tendon surgery that you need. This doctor is in-network but, they are booked until the first of the year. Mom is on the cancellation call list so, we'll see. Baylor Rehab has said that they will accept you back after you have the Baclofen pump and the Achilles Tendon surgeries. They said that they want to make the most out of the rehab days you have left.

Future prayer needs:
Once Johnny has worn out his welcome Rehab wise, my mom is planning on taking him home. She has already purchased a hospital bed and she's got plans to add onto their house and have an area large enough to accommodate Johnny, exercise and rehab type equipment and a restroom/bathing room, large enough to accommodate Johnny and his wheelchair. Please pray with us that insurance provides the equipment needed to continue Johnny's therapy, and that we think of everything in the planning stages of this project...once Johnny's home, it'll be difficult to add something.
Thank you for your prayers : )

Johnny, today mom gave you pudding. Afterwards, you spelled with your magnetic letters, "that was good".

I came to see you tonight. When I walked in, you were laying comfy in your bed. It looked like they just got you ready for bed. I cranked up your bed and got you all ready for some pudding. You ate about 6 bites of pudding and about the same in coke. You acted like you weren't interested in the food anymore so I cleaned you up and you grunted loud. I turned around and you were telling me to come here and you were trying to tell me something. I said can you write it and you said yes. Well, I couldn't read what you were writing so I gave you the magnets and it took you about 10 minutes but you spelled "I want some lunch". Well, I am my mothers daughter! I gave you some more. While I was giving you more "lunch", Diana walked in with mashed potatoes and you ate those up...they were still warm! Diana stayed a while and then left and I stayed until 8 pm and we watched some TV until you fell asleep and I snuck out. You looked so peaceful when I left.

Love you!! xo Jen

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