Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 10, 2009


It was so good to spend time with you this morning. I gave you some lemon swabs and we worked on your swallowing some. You seem to enjoy the lemon swabs. I had a bit of an argument with the nurse because I told her I was going to take you outside for a little bit and she told me that in 30 minutes you'd be getting your meds. I said well, then he'll have 30 minutes to be out of this bed. I don't think I hid my feelings for her very well. I took you outside and you watched the little birds flying around, two squirrels playing chase and the leaves falling from the trees (which was very peaceful). When we got back to your room, it was time for your meds and breathing treatment and then Beth and Allie with PT & OT came to do your stretching. You were very cooperative but you kept your eyes closed the whole time. I got a call from Jackie's school that the water was out and they were having early release and I had to go pick her up. That cut our visit short. You were asleep when I left and mom was on her way up there so you weren't alone for very long.

Mom said that she gave you lemon pudding and after each bite you said "more". You ate the whole cup of pudding and enjoyed every minute of it!! Mom said that Karen, your speech therapist, is going to give you eggs in the morning. You also had Dr. Pepper today.

Mom bought you a type writer (it's one for kids but the keys are bigger then the lap top we tried last week). You spelled Johnny, mom and somewhere. Mom said that you didn't like it at first but then you started coming around.

Diana came to visit around 5pm so mom went on home.

You have an early appointment tomorrow. You need your rest : )

Love you! XO Jen

P.S. I remember when we were little, mom took us to the doctor to get our shots. It was your turn and you were terrified. You got on the floor and crawled under the chairs and you were holding on to the legs screaming "help me", "help me". Mom was mortified! The nurse was not amused! I, however, still think it's funny!

Email from Leroy:
Hi Jennifer,

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you and your family that I am thinking of all of you and that I love you guys very much. Tell your Mom and Johnny that i said hello and give them my love.

Love Leroy

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