Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 3, 2009


Does the world even realize what it's been missing since you had your injury?

Today is week 20 ... 140 days

I walked into your room and had an overwhelming urge to cry. You looked so peaceful and you were listening to "you alone are holy". You opened your eyes when the music stopped. I didn't realize it was a cd. We watched cartoons for a little bit but you moaned the whole time. I wonder if you know your moaning or why you do it part of the brain injury? I need to look that up.

You look real handsome in your blue shirt. I brought you a few color pages from Cooper's color book. You seemed interested for about 5 minutes. I think you are sleepy.

Mom is so funny, I just found a drawing of a person she made. She said she asked you where you hurt and gave you a pen and told you to mark it on the person she drew. She will try anything to communicate with you. There is no limit to her love for you. Reminds me of when I first started my ladies thing and she crawled up in the bed with me and drew a diagram of what was happening. I was mortified! But, I'll never forget it!!

Melinda came by to visit on her lunch hour.

Okay, this is embarrassing but, it shows just how amazing you are. I gave you pen and paper and you were writing and I was writing in my journal. You groaned loud so I watched you and you wrote "help me". I said did you write help me? I said write it again and you wrote "help me". I said what do you need help with? You pointed to your man pants. I said, do you hurt? You didn't answer. I opened your man pants to check what you needed help with and you started scratching. I'm guessing with the layers of sheet and man pants, you couldn't reach the itch!

Your nurse just came in and treated your mouth with a preventative medicine that you must like, because you were very cooperative. Then she gave you a muscle relaxer and a breathing treatment. After you coughed a few times, you went sound asleep. I turned your CD back on and it's so peaceful. I love that with all your going through, your still able to have peaceful moments! God was at work when you were brought here. Reminds me of the song by Garth Brooks, Thank God for unanswered prayers! Proving as always, He is in control and He knows what's best!
Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.

Your nurse was so funny today, she said sometimes she puts flavored lip gloss on you so you can taste it. She told me not to be alarmed if we came to visit and you smelled like lip gloss. I thought that was sweet that she thought enough to go that extra mile. But, I couldn't help but picture a kissing bandit that pops in to patients rooms and plants a fruity kiss on her unsuspecting victim before swooping in to the next room. Who was that fruit laced kissing bandit? Ha! I'm sure you wouldn't mind though!

Mom said that she's going to have to take her candy corn home because you are obsessed with it! She said you point at it and that you spelled corn on your magnetic board. She gave you a small taste and it broke into two pieces and she had to fish it out of your mouth. Serves her right for taunting you!

Wow, that reminds me of another story...are you sick of my stories? Actually, I have two stories - both about mom!
1st Story:
Mom and I used to work together off Lemmon Avenue several years ago. Actually, it's right up the road from Traymore where you are now. We would ride to work together. Well, mom was obcessed with these jolly rancher jelly beans and she had just opened a bag and was eating them. She offered me some and I said no, I couldn't stand jelly beans and these really didn't smell good. So, she started blowing jolly rancher jelly bean breath in my direction. Okay - I'm driving and she was brave. I very calmly rolled down my window, grabbed her jelly beans and dropped them out the window of the moving car. She's sitting there with her jelly bean coated mouth hanging open and all she can say is...I can't believe you just did that!

2nd Story:
You probably remember this but it's still funny. We lived in San Diego in an okay part of town. You were 5 and I was 7. It was Halloween and as a rule, kids from rougher parts of town would trick or treat in our neighborhood because the candy seemed better to them. Anyway, we had been trick or treating and you were sitting on the front porch checking out your candy when these mean older boys took it from you and ran down the street. Well, Mom went and got a bat and put it by the front door in case they came back or something else happened. So, we handed out candy until we ran out and then turned off the porch light while Dad went to the store for more candy. While he was gone, these boys rang out door bell and when mom told them we were out of candy, they started throwing rocks and eggs at our house. So, what does mom do you might ask...she picks up the bat and chases them down the street. Lord only knows what would have happened if she had caught up with them. Fortunately, they out ran her! Can you imagine dads face if he had come back from the store, driving up our street and saw mom running with a bat after some boys. That didn't happen but it would have been priceless!

Louiville slugger - - - $15
Halloween Candy - - - - $10
Watching your mom run after Halloween hoolagins - - - $ PRICELESS!!!

Mom came to see you as soon as she could get off work. For a woman whose retired, she sure works a lot! Diana came a while later and told mom to go on home so she did. Mom got almost to I35 when her car died on Mockingbird. She had cars lined up and honking when Aunt Maggie called her on her cell phone to talk. Mom told her that she was broke down on Mockingbird and cars were honking at her. Aunt Maggie said, I'll tell you what you do, you go up to the car honking and say, I'll stand here and honk your horn for you if you'll go fix my car! Ha! I thought that was so funny! Mickey picked mom up and they got a tow truck to take her car to the Ford dealership to get it fixed. I'm thankful mom left early, with it getting darker earlier, it could have been real dangerous for her! That God! He's always looking out for us!!

Love you!! xo Jen

Here are some things you wrote today and a few things you drew:

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