Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 21, 2009


Mickey and I came to see you today. When we walked in your room, you were sound asleep. I whispered in your ear, Hi Johnny and you eyes opened and you said hi. I took off your glove and got you all situated and then you acted like you wanted to write. I gave you pen and paper but couldn't understand what you were writing so I got your magnets. You spelled, my tummy hurts. I figured out that you were hungry. I'm not sure how true that is because you have a feeding tube but I know you enjoy eating. I fed you a whole jar of blueberries and apples and a whole small jar of turkey and gravy. You did really well because when I suctioned you there was nothing there.

A little later, you spelled, want pants. I said do you want me to put your pants on and you gave a thumbs up. Mickey and I put on your pants and you were ready to go for a walk. I think you associate your pants with the wheelchair and the wheelchair with Mickey and I. Anyway, it was very smart! We took you for a ride all downstairs and then all upstairs. You fell asleep. When we got back to your room, we put you back in bed but you wanted to leave your pants on.

We had a really good visit with you!! xo Jen

Right after we left, Buddy came by to visit. After Buddy left, mom came by. You had visitors all day.

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