Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24, 2009


You got off the ambulance this morning like an old pro! That's so sad that you've been in one enough times to have down the routine! You were wheeled into a room right away and didn't waste anytime telling whoever would listen that you were hungry. I asked the nurse if you could have some lemon swabs and she said sure, that'll be fine. Then, we just looked at each other until I said...could you get me some? She said, oh, we don't have any but if you do, feel free to give him some. What? Crazy! You were all set for surgery and they wheeled you into the operating waiting room. Mom let me sit with you. I think she could tell how nervous I was. When I sat down next to you and took your hand, you were sweating all over and moaning a little. I said Johnny are you nervous? You gave me a thumbs up. I said your going to be okay, you'll go to sleep and when you wake up we'll get you something to eat. Not long after that the doctor came in and we were talking about where the pump would go and how skinny you were and he asked me what I thought about putting in a smaller pump and I said, hold on....I can't make that decision. I wanted to scream MOMMA but I didn't, I just went and got her as fast as I could. When I got back, you looked very nervous. I was really wishing they had given you a little something to relax you...maybe it was me that was nervous!

While you were in surgery, we sat in the waiting room for what felt like forever! Mom was Mrs. Timex, looking at her watch and giving us...it's been an hour...updates. Ha! We also could see inside the window through to the surgery office so she would say, oh here comes someone...never mind, it's not the doctor. Truth is, she was nervous too!

Your waiting visitors: Mom, Me, Mickey, Cody, Jackie, Dad, Diana, Robert, Brother Grady, Sandra.

Dr. Koneon came out and said that you did really good and that we could see you in about thirty minutes. By the time we got to your room, you were having your vitals taken and getting all situated. You were waking up from the anesthesia but it was definitely a slow process. To me you looked pale but by the time I left, you looked more like yourself.

Dr. Koneon decided to down size the pump for sure when he got into surgery and saw that you have absolutely no fat on your body. He said he's never seen anyone with so little fat. Hmmm, must suck...kidding! That's just the bitter sister with the other genes!! ha! The pump he put in was 20cc and half the size of the original one. This means that the pump will have to be refilled every 2-3 months instead of the 6 months we were originally told. But, it is the best thing for you. They put the pump on the right side of your belly button and ran the tube around your right side and along side your spine. He thinks he got the tube high enough to effect your arms. The pump sets under the skin like a blanket over a hockey puck, not like saran wrap, so the edges of the edges around the pump have room there. Any kind of rubbing or irritation can possibly move the pump although it is stitched to the fibrous tissue above the muscle. This is a concern and we will have to come up with a solution if you begin to mess with it. You did so good with the surgery, we could certainly feel the prayers that were being lifted up for you!

Shortly after Cody, Jackie and I left, the ambulance came and took you and mom back to Traymore. When I called to check on you, mom said that the nurse was hooking up your feeding tube...I'm sure that'll feel better, to get something in your tummy! I'm not positive, but I think mom is spending the night tonight because she's worried that you might mess with the pump because it's so new and it's starting to bruise. The nurse gave you some pain medication so that'll help you sleep, maybe if mom decides to spend the night, she can sleep too. Maybe I can talk her into spending the night at my house. In any event, you will see her smiling face when you wake up in the morning.

Love you Johnny! I'm so proud of you little brother!! xo Jen

Pictures of your Mary Stiles Visit:
Your ride...

Coming out of the ambulance

Before surgery

After surgery

The installed pump

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  1. I am so happy everything went good for you. You'll be up and running in no time. I love you and take care.