Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6, 2009


Johnny's friends: If it's been a while since you've seen Johnny, you would be amazed at the progress he's making. He's trying very hard to communicate. Please feel free to visit, I'm sure that he'll love seeing you!!!

I brought Cooper to visit you today. You held his hand for a while and he just watched you. It was really sweet. I brought Cody's laptop, because it's light weight and I thought that if would be easier for you to communicate but, you didn't do so well on it. You would put your whole fist on the keys and then have a line of letters that made no sense. Rows and rows of letters. I could sense you were frustrated so I put the laptop up. You kept pointing to your tooth and moaning so I called mom and told her that it was really bothering you. She arranged for you to see a dentist and Traymore arranged the ambulance to take you there. The dentist just pulled the tooth when he located which one was giving you the trouble. Mom said that you had a rough night of it and she didn't want to leave you until it clotted and you were asleep...that took some time. She finally decided to spend the night with Jackie and I (Mickey and Cody) were at the deer lease. I really hope that pulling that tooth gives you some relief!

Love you! xo Jen

P.S. You did try a french fry today, with Dr. Pepper. You did okay with the Dr. Pepper but not so good with the french fry. Mom said that when they suctioned you, there was pieces of french fry in your lungs. Don't give up, I'm sure that with the tooth pain gone, you'll be able to concentrate more on your therapy!!

Cooper visiting

Your PT & OT stretching you out

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