Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 25, 2009


Your dedicated mother spent the night with you last night. She wasn't sure how you would handle the pump in your side and was concerned that you may try to rub it. She said she didn't get a whole lot of sleep but that you did. That's really good! She said that you woke up hungry and kept saying eggs over and over until the eggs came and then you wouldn't eat them. Mom said that she asked you if you wanted some orange juice and then she said want some OJ. She said that you said "o" and then real loud "J". She said it was funny. You drank all the orange juice. You weren't interested in doing much other than sleeping. Mom had to run an errand to another doctors office so Mickey came on his lunch hour to sit with you. He said that your speech therapist came in and you weren't interested in doing anything but she did ask you who was visiting you and you mumbled something so she said for you to write it and you wrote Mickey...the clearest you've written anything so far. Of course Mickey took a picture and he's been telling everyone, Johnny wrote my name. He's very proud of your progress Johnny, we all are. We are all so excited to see how you advance with the pump. Beth your physical therapist said that your left arm is very loose and your left leg is bending a lot better.

Mom got your achilles tendon surgery consultation moved up to December 3rd at 4:15pm. Once the doctor sees you, we will set the appointment for your surgery and the nurse said the doctor would work with us in getting it done before the year is up. That's really good news. Then, Janine with Baylor will get approval for you to be taken there post op. They will do the surgery and then cast your feet and the next day they say you'll be able to stand on them. The doctor that did the pump surgery said that he feels strongly that you will be able to walk soon. I just want to scream, I'm so excited for you!!!

I'll see you tomorrow, after lunch. I made you a pumpkin pie. Love you! xo Jen

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  1. Hey Johnny, good job on the writing. Your doing so great. I just wanted to stop in and tell you Happy Thanksgiving. I know your gonna love that pumpkin pie. Love you.