Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 20, 2009


Well, I'm full of information for you today.

Mom is officially retired. While she loved her job very much, she feels like she needs to be with you and help in your recovery and therapy. You know when it comes to mom, once she makes up her mind - that's it! Another story: I was doing something, introducing mom & Robert or something to someone...that parts sketchy. Anyway, I said Mom works and Roberts retarded...what I meant to say is mom works and Roberts retired. Well, mom has teased me about that for years. So, she sent out an email to a few people about her not working and where she could be reached and on it she said I'm officially retarded.... Crazy mother you have! I didn't even try to explain to the list of people she sent that to, they can just think she had a typo! Ha!

Mom said that the lady came out to evaluate you for the touch screen computer. She did approve you for it and said that until you got one she was going to give you a loaner. I'm so excited to check it out! I hope you get the loaner before your surgery on Tuesday!!

Cody had another clinical...he worked at Charlton Hospital in the ER. He was really nervous but he did really good! It's so exciting to hear all the stories of what he saw and did. He had to transport a man to the morgue, he said that was really disturbing and nothing like you see on CSI. I'm so proud of that kid! I know you are too...can't wait until you two can catch up.

Love you!! xo Jen

Email from Leroy:
Hi Jennifer,

As the Holiday season descends upon us rapidly, complete with all the pressures and deep rooted emotions tied to the celebrations, I can't help but pray for you and your family.
The circumstances surrounding Johnny's rehabilitation are an easier pill to swallow for a loving and caring family member such as myself, who finds it difficult to be there emotionally from so far away.
When I log onto Johnny's Blog and have the opportunity and the privilege to be part of his recovery I am overcome with emotion.. Although saddened by his accident I have complete belief in his recovery. Not just because of his obvious determination to come back to us completely but also from the love and support he receives from You, His Mother, His Daughter, His Father and rest of your entire family.

Although most everyone has witnessed incidents and watched stories similar to Johnny's. We never really consider the chance that we could find ourselves as part of the story. When it hits home and you find yourself connected in this way your life has changed instantly. As mine has!

Watching Johnny's dedication to his rehabilitation and his family's resolve, love, determination and attention to every detail that is important to his recovery has inspired me to be a better Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Grandpa, Cousin, Uncle, Nephew, Grandson and Friend!

I am proud of Johnny, you and your Mom and the rest of your family and consider myself lucky to know you and to be part of your family.

I Love You Jennifer. Please give Johnny my Love and tell him that I believe in him and look forward to having a conversation with him one day.

All My Love , your cousin,


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