Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 4, 2009


We finally got all our ducks in a row and your scheduled for a consult with Dr. Conen on Wednesday at 8:30am. He will evaluate you and determine if he can do the surgery for the pump. You've already had a successful trial so, we feel like this is just protocol. Once the doctor says yes, then we'll wait on insurance to approve the procedure and then you'll be all set.

Mom asked you today who you want to see and you spelled Sucie. We are assuming you spelled Susie, a lady you work with. Then you spelled "When is PTO" mom took the "PTO" off and asked you to finish the sentence again and you spelled the same thing, "When is PTO". She said, are you worried about your job and you said yes.

Mickey, Jackie and I came to see you tonight and pick up my car. You were sound asleep when we got there. I felt bad about waking you up but I wanted to talk to you.

Your nurse came in and gave you meds and your tooth was really bothering you. I put orajel on a q-tip and you took it from me and put it on your back tooth. Mickey and I just stared in amazement. You bit down on that q-tip. After your meds started to kick in, we left.

Love you Johnny! xo Jen

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