Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12, 2009


Cody and I came to see you this morning and when we walked in to your room we were greeted with a sign from Karen. She shared with us what you had for breakfast. They tinted your food green and when they suctioned you, there was no green!! Great job! When Cody and I came to your bed, the red cap from your trach was at your feet. Apparently you had a really productive cough and it flew right off. The nurse mentioned to mom that this could mean you are becoming closer to the point where you don't need the trach. I know that'll make you happy!

I don't know if anyone caught this in the previous paragrah, but they tinted your eggs green. Someone has a Dr. Seuss sense of humor!

Cody and I talked to you and wrote with you and worked on your computer with you...then we decided to take you for a walk around the grounds. We got you in the wheel chair and all situated and headed down the hall when we ran into your PT/OT, Beth and Allie. They were coming to do therapy. Since you were in your chair, you were able to go to the second floor therapy room where you stacked and unstacked cones, did some stretching and fished marbles out of putty and then put them back in. You did really good and seemed to enjoy it! I know you enjoyed being out of the bed for a while.
Stacking and unstacking cones:

Stretching with bands:

Removing marbles from putty:

Putting marbles back in putty:

When Cody and I got you back to your bed, you were wore out! We got you all comfy and you fell asleep. Cody and I had to leave but mom was on her way up there.

Mom said she gave you some bananas and you said more after each bite. I know your ready to eat, nearly 6 months on a feeding tube can't be fun! Mom said you also had some Dr. Pepper. I wonder how you'd do on mom's ice tea??? You remember how delicious it is, don't you? Isn't it funny how the most simple things taste better when mom makes them.

Mom said that she was across the room and you motioned for her to come here. She asked you what you needed and you pointed to the magazine she had layed there for you to look at, thinking you could scoot the pages over with the hand. You wanted mom to turn the pages for you. Such a brat!! You have no trouble getting what you want, huh?

Love you!! XO Jen

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