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October 31, 2009


I came to visit you today and my first opinion of Traymore as I pulled into the parking lot was how peaceful it was. It's surrounded by large trees and the birds were singing. When I came in to the reception desk, I asked where room 122 was, the lady said, "oh, that's a very special person in that room, we share a birthday". I found your room just as your nurse was taking off your splint cast. I helped her and then she asked if I needed anything, she tried to bring me coffee. Your room feels cozy, carpeted floors, furniture, a large window overlooking the court yard. You were moaning a lot so I rubbed your head. I asked if you were cold. You raised your glove and I'm sure you were thinking how can I thumb up you with this on stupid! I removed your glove, asked you again and you answered yes with a thumbs up. I moved the fan off of you and pulled your blanket up to your chin and you went sound asleep. You look so peaceful as I write this. I believe with all I am that God is healing you in these quiet moments and he's whispering in your ear. It's easier for me to be patient when I know your visiting with our Savior. I certainly wouldn't want to rush that!

**I've been remembering some things we did in our childhood. Do you remember when we were little and would go to California during the summer. We would play in the feed look back now, it seems so dangerous...we could have sunk down and not been able to breath. We also would play in all the old abandoned vehicles in the lot next door. Sometimes the trucks would have keys and they would start up. Can you imagine if they actually moved! Oh what trouble we would have been in. We would go swimming in the irrigation ditches, play hide and seek, and ride the odyssey. It was so much fun visiting family in California!

You keep pinching at your man pants...I just figured out your wet. With your help, I had you hold the rail - like Jerry taught you, and got you all fixed up. Well, with all that moving, you got to coughing so I suctioned you and now your sound asleep. I could certainly see myself doing this kind of work if all my patients were you...I did cry afterward because I know you would never want me to see you like this. Mom called and she came by my house and picked up Jackie and Jackie's dog Izzy. They are on their way up here to visit you. I can't wait to see how you are used to much larger dogs!

Today is Halloween, tonight our church is having a fall festival. We are doing a booth, skee ball. Mickey, Cody, Jackie and I all had a hand in designing, building and painting it. Jackie is going to be a blossom fairy this year. Her costume is really cute!

I called Granny Holub on my way to see you today. It's been a while since I talked to her and I wanted to give her an update on your progress. She told me that Uncle Ken had a heart attack and had to have five stints put in. She said he was doing okay. I felt so bad because I had no idea! Before I got off the phone with Granny, Aunt Maggie got there. I was able to talk to her about Uncle Ken. She said he was better, just tired. She's been keeping up with your progress on the blog. She said to tell you hi and that she loves you!

Granny wanted me to call her when I was with you so she could talk to you. When I called her, she wasn't home so we left her a message. I bet she was happy when she got home and listened to our message!

When Jackie got here with Izzy, you seemed really interested in her. By the end of the visit, Izzy was laying next to you and you had your arm relaxed next to her. You would use your finger every so often and scratch her. It's amazing how calming dogs are to patients. You were moaning and kept your righthand busy - until Izzy got here.

You and Izzy are so relaxed!

Jackie and I sang to you, it's a song we've been practising and we sang it with no music. You seemed interested. I sang the alphabet song with you and you helped. I clearly heard you say "x". Mom and Jackie filled the bird feeder outside your window. I hope the birds hang out long enough for you to heck them out.

I had such a great visit with you today Johnny. I didn't want to leave and actually stayed an hour too long but, it was worth it! I felt so blessed when I left that I had such a good visit. I never know how your feeling or what kind of day your having until I get here- I always feel anxiety and a sense of urgency to see you and it's only then that I can calm down.

I hate your motorcycle! I hate your accident! I hate what has happened to you! I hate your pain! I hate not being able to do something for you! But, I love how the Lord has blessed so many through it! God is using you to reach others, through your terrible accident, through the blog, through the medical staff, through the strangers who have heard your story. The reality is that what happened to you could happen to any one of us. And, happens more often then we could ever imagine. I never knew what a common thing TBI is. You have made so many aware!! I remember when we were little, and we were playing chase and you ran around a corner just as another boy was coming around the same corner towards you. You both bumped heads and it knocked you out. I didn't remember you being taken to the hospital but mom said that we went to the emergency room. You had a concussion. How easily it could have been TBI!! The place that this happened was at a sitters in Red Oak. The lady that watched us was seventh day evangelist and she didn't celebrate Christmas or any holidays. She told us that there was no Santa Clause. I can remember how upset you were! Mom was pretty mad when she came to pick us up one day and I was crying and told her that the lady said there was no Baby Jesus. We didn't go back after that!

Jackie told you "I love you" in sign told her "I love you" back!!

A kiss goodbye!

Mom said that after Jackie and I left, Melinda stopped by. She said that Melinda worked with you with pen and paper and you drew a picture of a truck.

We asked you, Where does it hurt? This was your response.

Love you! xo Jen

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