Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15, 2009


When mom came in to see you today, you were sitting up in the chair. Actually you were asleep in the chair and when she walked in you heard her and woke up. You were in the chair for about 2 hours...which is really good! She had the nurse put you back in bed and gave you some chicken noodle dinner and lemon pudding. I'm going to have to try the lemon just love it! I am planning on making you a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Your speech therapist said you could have it but not the crust. It's your favorite pie! Mom said that when she walked into your room it was like a meat locker. She wrote a nasty note on the board about your brain injury and how it makes you sweat but that it doesn't mean your hot. If you start sweating they can turn the fan on but they don't need to turn the air conditioner as cold as it will go. She wrote that they are going to end up getting you sick. You go mom! She would freeze her butt off before she told anyone that they made her uncomfortable but watch out if you mess with her kids! Mom said that y'all watched the cowboys together. She said that Romo was sacked so many times he was probably embarrassed. I wondered why I kept hearing Mickey yell at the TV. Mom said that you wrote your name a couple of times with pen & paper but that you weren't interested in typing or spelling with the magnetic letters. I bet you were tired after the day you had yesterday! We are still praying that the insurance gives approval before Tuesday for you to get the pump...I'm not sure when the next appointment will be if we miss that one. I'm trusting in God to work it all out for us.
Love you!! Xo Jen

P.S. Do you remember when we were kids and we would stand up in the back seat of mom's car and just sing and sway down the road. We loved the song "boney fingers". It went like this: You work your fingers to the bone, what do you get, boney fingers, boney fingers. Driving on those windy roads, griping the seat and each other leaning into the curves singing that song. We were so cute!

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  1. Hey Johnny, sorry its been awhile. Ive been busy packing and getting ready to move. You remember that piece of land with that house I told you about that Nathan and I were wanting? Well we sign the paperwork on the 27th and start moving in on the 30th. Im really excited. Once I get settled in Ill be able to check on you more. You are doing so great. Im proud of you. I love the pics of you and Jackie. Take care Johnny, I love you.