Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 13, 2009


We still haven't heard from the insurance company regarding surgery for Tuesday. The lady at the doctor's office that helps to set up these things took today off...How dare she have a life! Does she not understand what you've been through?

You didn't have a very good day today. You didn't feel like writing or talking. You complained about your left arm a lot. Mom put your splint cast on for an hour thinking you'd sleep with it on but you just picked at it and moaned. You would point at mom and then with your point finger, tell her to come to you. Then you'd point to the cast - you were telling her to take it off. You are clever!

Mom said you had apple sauce with blue berries - you liked it very much. You also worked on your vowels.

Jackie had a friend spend the night tonight. I'm sure it'll be a long night!

Love you!! XO Jen

Email from Valerie:
Hey Jenn! Will you please tell Johnny I said Hi! I've been sick with what seemed to be sinuses, then a cold...finally went to the doctor today after 4-6 weeks of this mess. I hope to be well next week to come see him. I love reading the updates and almost spit my coke out when I read the jellybean story...tooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!

Tell Jackie Smack Hi

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