Monday, November 9, 2009

November 8, 2009


Mickey and I came to visit right after church. You were sound asleep when we got there and it was nice to see you so peaceful! You soon woke up and we realized that your shirt was completely wet so we changed your sheet and pillow cases and got you all situated. Then I rinsed out your mouth where your tooth was pulled and gave you some lemon swabs. I suctioned you after that. I asked you if you wanted to write and you indicated that you did. You were tired, so your writing wasn't very legible.

Mom, Robert and Jackie came in a few hours later. Mom gave you some Dr. Pepper with a spoon and you had about a 1/4 of a can. You did really well, when she suctioned you, you had no DP in your lungs!! Your beginning to strengthen your swallowing muscles!! That's soon as you can eat and swallow with no problems, they'll feel like it's time to remove the trach. I know that will be great for you!

These are pictures of mom giving you Dr. Pepper. After she gives you a spoonful, she puts her finger on your throat just above your Adam's apple to make sure that you swallow before she gives you another spoonful. You are doing really well!!

Mom asked you what was hurting you and you spelled on the board, "me arm". You got some meds and the nurse changed out your feeding tube and then you were sleepy. It was so nice to see you sleeping without hearing you moan...I guess having the tooth pulled was the right decision!

Mom said that before she left she was having you write and you spelled "I need some help" She said what do you need help with Johnny? And you said Reading. Then you were done. You didn't want to write anymore. Mom said she gave you the magnetic letters and asked you do you want to spell some more words? And you put and "I" down. Then a "D", then an "o", then a "U", then a "T". You lined them all up, turning the "U" upside down. Your answer to the question mom asked...Do you want to spell some more words was "I dont". Ha! Ha! I just laughed when she told me that! How clever you are!!

We think that you were needing help with your reading because your left eye is beginning to open and the opthomologist said that when this happens, you could possibly have double vision. You will have to start wearing a pirate patch if it continues to bother you.

Love you! Xo Jen

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