Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009


During therapy today, you said Mom. Can you believe it? You said MOM!!! Way to go!
Julie gave you some pudding and mom said that you kept it in your mouth and wouldn't swallow it. She said that they finally tried to suction it out of your mouth and then you decided to swallow it. See...beat of your own drum! Mom also that Integra Rehab in Plano denied you. They said that they have limited skilled nursing and that they feel like you are still needing acute care. I hope that this means that you can stay where you are for a while. I know that the only one pulling strings though is the insurance company. Baylor Rehab is suppose to come out an evaluate you...we'll see what they say. We haven't gotten the word yet that you need to move, it's pretty much a day to day, week to week thing with the insurance. But, when we do get word that you need to move, we want to be ready. Keep up the good work! Proud of you little brother! xo Jen

***email from your cousin Leroy
Hi Jennifer,

The progress looks like it is coming along. Probably not fast enough for you all. I think you and your mother and the rest of the family are doing a remarkable job taking care of Johnny and keeping a positive belief in his recovery. I wish I lived closer so I could lend a hand. Thank You again for the blog, it really makes a difference to those of us so far away. I have thought of calling you quite a few times, but figured to leave you alone to stay strong and move forward with the recovery efforts. I hope you know that I love you very much and you, Johnny and the rest of your family are in my daily prayers. Tell my cousin I said Hello and for him to stay strong, work through the pain and get better. All my Love, Leroy

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