Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 10, 2009


Mom, Mickey and I came to see you today during your therapy session. I walked in to see you and said "Hi Johnny" and you mouthed "Hi". I brushed your teeth and you followed commands to open your mouth, stick out your tongue, etc. When Jerry got there, he put you in a wheel chair. It was so cool to see you sitting up right.

Before they put you in the wheel chair, they put shoes on you. I know you don't like it at all but again, it was really cool to see you with shoes on your feet. Jerry said that tomorrow he's going to put pants on you. Seeing you in only a hospital gown for 3 months has been hard, it's exciting to think about you wearing something different.

Jerry tried to cool down your brain a little by putting bags of ice on and around your head. He said that bringing your temp down just a bit would help you to concentrate. Well, you didn't like it at all! Julie, your speech therapist had a sign with yes and no on it. She asked you if you liked the ice and you pointed to no. She then asked you if you knew that your sister was here and you pointed to yes. Then she asked if you knew that your brother-in-law was here and you pointed to yes. Man! I started to's amazing! Your amazing!

I probably should have given Julie a heads up that I was blogging some pictures and maybe she would have used a chart without coffee stains. Ha! Sorry!

Jerry also worked on your legs, he stretched out your hamstrings and you were not happy! You grabbed your leg and put an "it hurts" look on your face. I know it's tough Johnny but you are doing so good! I am so amazed at your progress and it's just been three days of therapy!

Well, the torture ended with Jerry putting shaving cream on your face. He gave you a wet rag and told you if you wanted to get back in bed and make therapy stop, you needed to wipe the shaving cream off your face. You did!!

You were so exhausted after your therapy that Mom and I left so you could get some much needed rest. Proud of you Johnny! You did so good today!!
XO Jen

Mom went to see you after work. She said to you, "Johnny say hi to me" and you said, "hiiiiii". You drew out hi wth your whole breathe.

She said when she left she said to you, "Bye Johnny" and you said, "bye". Real quick.
Proud of you!!

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  1. WOW!!!
    You are doing so good Johnny. I can't even think of what it is like to have to learn everything all over agian. As well as the pain level. We love you and will continue to pray for a fast recovery.
    Love Always and Forever,
    Johnny,Janice and Kids