Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 25, 2009


Mom went to your therapy today and said that Julie gave you blue ice. She said you really enjoyed it. You crunched and swallowed it. When they suctioned you later, you had no blue dye in your lungs. That's really a very good thing! Mom said that she asked you to shake her hand and you did. Mom said that you hollered a lot during your breathing treatment, you said ahhhhh. Jerry stood you up again during therapy. Your doctor took you off antibiotics. He said you have no pneumonia. Praise God! You've been approved to stay at Texas Specialty for another week. Jerry is going to start doing therapy twice a day starting Monday.

Jackie and I came by to see you after school. You seemed really tired. We gave you some sucker and then brushed your teeth. You played ball a little bit but you were pretty tired so I lotioned your feet, put on your socks and tucked you in for the night. Aunt Janie came by to see you while we were there...she got to see you play ball. Show off! You wouldn't say hello though. It was really good to see you. Love you! xo Jen

From Mom:
Nearly time to move again. A place in Plano called me, they deal only with neuro patients. Private room with a pull out twin bed for company. They do trach and G tube weaning. I left a message for Tecardo (Tx specialty case worker) to call them to do an assessment. Sounds good but I hope Baylor will accept you. Love you. Bye. Mom

From Aunt Janie:
Hey Johnny, Came by to see you. I've heard about all the wonderful progress you've been doing. Keep up the good work. You are doing really good. I'm so proud of you. It's been a while since I've been by so I had to come see you and I'm glad I did. Just to see you and how good you are doing is just so amazing. Love you...I'll be back to see you soon. Janie

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