Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 15, 2009


You weren't interested in therapy. Mom and I are thinking that maybe your getting you muscle relaxer before hand and by the time you do therapy, your too relaxed and just want to sleep. It may be time to call a family meeting with Texas Specialty. We are not sure that all the specialists are talking to each other. We definitely want you to get the full benefit of being in this facility.

Well, I'm heart broken and I'd really like to hurt someone! Mom came to visit you after work today and they had your left hand restrained. This is the hand that you don't move but you have been using your thumb on that hand to push up your trach so it's necessary to do something. BUT, someone with some brains should be using them when dealing with my brother... they had your left hand restrained and it was so tight on your arm that your left arm was swollen, your hand was swollen, and it had cut off your circulation. To make matters worse, they had a padded glove over your left hand and when mom took off the glove your left middle finger was bent backwards. I get angry every time I think about it! You don't have a voice right now to register pain. They say that their policy is to take off the restraints every 30 minutes or so. Mom said that you were in the same position you were in at 5pm as you were at 1pm so our thinking is that you were like that for hours....if mom had decided to go on home instead of checking up on you, you would have lost your left hand by the morning. I'm just heart broken for you! And, fighting mad! Mom said that they were in no hurry to bring her ice that she requested 3 times. They then said that they couldn't give her ice without checking with the you want to guess how quickly they brought her ice after she got through with them...
She had them give you tylenol for the pain also. Jerry had told mom earlier that day that she needed to be a squeeky wheel, I don't know in what frame he was talking because I didn't get the whole story but you can bet that woman was squaking up and down those halls. She didn't want to leave either. She met with your pulmonary doctor before she went home and told him under no circumstances were you to have that arm restrained. Mom said that before she left there were all kinds of nurses helping out with Johnny. No one claimed responsibility but I'm betting this won't happen again. Oh little brother, I pray you find your voice soon. I miss you so much and I just feel so helpless as to what to do for you. I hope that you can feel how loved you are. Who ever said that this process was one step forward and two steps back was dead on. Love you Johnny! Xo Jen

this is your hand two days later...

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