Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 13, 2009


Micky and I came to visit you and mom had beat us there. She was showing you your pictures when we got there. You were not cooperating. You wanted to sleep. Mom worked on your feet and I trimmed your nails. After a while, Mickey and I left but mom stayed all day. She said that she was able to get you to point to people in the pictures but you weren't very consistent. Tomorrow you will be having Physical therapy, I don't think Jerry will be easy on you so I guess it's good your catching up on your sleep now. When Mickey and I left, we told you bye and you waved to us. It's the little things that are so exciting!! Oh, it's still raining. Mom said that Navarro Mills got 5 inches and the roads are flooded, she had to go home through Corsicana. We sure do need the rain. Love you! xo Jen

For Johnny's friends:
The room where Johnny's at now in Texas Specialty does not have visiting hours. They physical therapist works with Johnny around 10:30ish and likes for him to have quiet and lights out after the session so he suggests no visitors until after 1pm.
One thing you need to know is that because it's flu season they are being very cautious and making us wear gowns, gloves and a mask when we are up close to Johnny. Those things are on the door as you walk into his room. We really appreciate you visiting with Johnny and would love a report of your visit either on the pad in his room or you can comment on the blog or call one of us..
Nancy 972-345-0454
Jennifer 972-921-4335
Thanks so much!!

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