Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18, 2009


The weather is changing outside. It's getting's almost hockey season. I wish so much that you could feel the cool air, eat some of mom's famous chili, go deer hunting.

Mom heard today that you might be discharged as soon as the 23rd. Your doctor, Dr. Gott said they are requesting you be transferred to Global Rehab which is down a ways from where you are now. If that's not covered by insurance, they will move you to Baylor Rehab. Both are very good Rehabs and further from skilled nursing!! From there, you will more than likely be moved to a place called P.A.T.E. It's a facility that teaches you how to live. You will live there while you learn to do things on your own. This is such progress from what we were hearing in the beginning. I'm so proud of you!

Mom said that when came in to see you, you were already in your chair. You are saying ahhh in reference to pain. You wanted to sleep a lot. I wonder if that's due to your meds. Mom said that your left arm has loosened up quite a bit and she was able to move it she said that it's probably the new muscle relaxers they have you on. Your fingers were able to be opened almost all the way without you registering pain. That's definitely progress! Julie, your speech therapist, said that Jerry will be using the matt with you next week. He's planning on working your back muscles.

On a side note, Jerry's house got broken into last night. All that was taken was his big screen TV. The police said that these robbers are called fence jumpers, because they jump the fence and look in the windows and if they see something they want, they break in and take it. If they don't, they move on to the next house. Jerry said that thankfully no one was home and the dog wasn't hurt. That's a blessing. I mention this because I tend to leave my blinds open, especially in the back. I'll be closing them from now on.

Love you Johnny! Keep up the hard work. Xo Jen


Buddy and Tammy came to see you this is what they said:

Buddy & Tammy dropped by to see ya. Looks like you were worn out but when we called your name, you opened your eyes. Jennifer is keeping up your journal and we are hearing great things.

Jackie and I came to see you after I picked her up from school. I shaved you and we played ball a little but you weren't interested in anything but sleeping. Mom came by when she got off work. I hope your sleeping because of therapy...
Love you Johnny! xo Jen


  1. Hey Johnny. Well its Hockey season again. Its not gonna be the same without you calling or texting me giving me crap about "Princess MIke" as you love to call him just to tick me off. Well so far my Stars are doing ok. It looks like they might have a pretty good defensive line this year. They still need work on their offense though. They lost the first 2 preseason games the first against Tampa and the second one against Colorado. They did pull out a win against St Louis.
    As much as I despise your Ducks, Im keeping tabs on them for you too. It burns my eyes and ears to watch them, but I love you and will take the chance of permanent damage for you. They won the first preseason game against Phoenix, lost the second to Van won the third against Phoenix and lost the fourth against the Kings.
    They get their butts kicked against my Stars for the first time on Oct. 21st. You need to make sure your up and ready to watch it. I love my Stars, but I would sure love to hear you ragging on them again so I could tell you to shut up or hang up on you just so you could text me and make fun of them again. Its not gonna be the same without you so keep working hard like you are and we will be fighting about the in no time. I will keep you updated on the scores and changes and all that. I love you.

  2. Okay, its Sept 22, and the Ducks played San Jose last night and won 3-2. Teemu and Wisniewski got a goal in the 3rd period. Vlasic scored the 3rd goal with 15 seconds left. Giguere stopped 23 of 25 shots, he was on his game. There were a few fights but nothing really spectacular. So thats the recap for tonight. They are off the next 2 nights and then they play Vancouver on Thursday. I'll let you know how it goes. love ya.