Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 2, 2009


Well little brother, your on the move again. The ambulance came to pick you up at around 1:30 pm. They called mom when they were an hour away and she headed that way. She made sure that you were all settled at Texas Specialty. They have you in something like an ICU and they are evaluating you like most places do before giving you a room.


Diana said that while she was visiting, she bent down to talk in your ear...she said, "Johnny, I love you. I love you so much." She said that she heard you plan as day say, "I love", "I love". You said it twice and it was low in volume but you spoke. That is so encouraging!!

Emails from California:
From Aunt Donna......
Dearest Jennifer,

We are so thankful to hear the good news that they are finally sending Johnny to a facility were he can get the care he needs.
I know it is a load off all of you. Tell my sister "She put out the Mama Bear claws and fought the fight for her Cub".

You know me and the phone but I have restrained myself from bugging you all with phone calls. Thank you for setting up Johnny's blog.
I have been checking it every day sometime am and pm.

Maybe you all can get a little rest now that Johnny will be were you know he is taken care of. I know it has been hard on all of you.
It just breaks my heart but we know that God is in charge and Johnny is in God's hands.

I have tried a couple times to post a comment to Johnny's blog. Noticed the comment box then typed away but then it was asking to make a selection but I did not fit into any of the selections. Guess I am not up to date on all this NEW stuff.
Thought I would tell you why I have not posted anything to Johnny's blog.

When you see him tell him I love him and give him Hugs and Kisses.

When does Cody start college? I hope Jackie is doing fine in her new school.
Tell them Hello and give them my love.

Take care of yourself.
I love you LOTS,
Aunt Donna

From Cousin Leroy.....
Hi Jennifer,

You did a great job on the Blog. Thanks for putting it together. For the family members so far away it is keeping us informed.
It sounds like he is making progress. I can't wait to hear the rest. You, your Mother and the rest of your family are doing a great
job for Johnny and each other. As I told you on the phone, I know he will make it because he is too good of a person and has
too much to live for.The family he has at his side is his strength and he knows it.
We will continue to pray for Johnny and the whole family.
We love you all very much.

Leroy, Elizabeth, Rachel and Eric Jr.

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