Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 4, 2009


Mom said that the doctor got the results of your x-ray back. The news is all good!!
Your cervical and cerasic (sp?) spine are normal and healed. Your soft tissue, arteries, spine and heart are normal. Your lungs are fully inflated and normal. Mom said that you're in pretty good shape for the condition you're in. The pulmonary doctor is going to be weening you off the trach also. You've been resting good.

Jackie is going to her first 7th grade dance tonight.
***Before the dance***

She had a blast!!

Cody changing out his own would be so proud of him Johnny!!

Love you!! Jen

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  1. Big hugs. Im so very happy. I cant wait to come down and see you. You better wake up so you can argue with me. It wont be the same unless you do. love you.