Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 22, 2009

Oh Johnny! Today is week 14. How do I keep my spirits up? I hurt sometimes all over. I know everyone that loves you feels the way I do. I think I might be a little depressed....

I came to see you this morning. I got there around 9am. I tried so hard to get you to wake up and you just weren't interested. I brushed your teeth and cleaned your ears which looked really good. Someone must have cleaned them before me. I lotioned up your legs and it makes me cry when I see how much muscle loss and weight loss you have. The therapist came in and took the hard plastic brace off your left hand and I lotioned it up too. You showed pain on your face but it eased up some when I was almost done with the lotion. I know it hurts you to use that hand but you really need to push past the pain. The good thing is that you don't remember it afterwards. Or so they tell us... I was there with you, waiting for your physical therapy to start and in walks mom. She is there nearly everyday for your therapy so it didn't surprise me that she came, even though she told me she wasn't coming. She took a picture of me giving you some sucker. At around 11, she left to go back to work. Your therapy was obviously running late. Well, mom and Mickey must have passed in the hall because no sooner had she left then Mickey came in. You played ball with him and it was so funny because you would throw the ball and it would land in your lap and Mickey would pick it up, hand it to you and you would do it again. Well, Mickey finally said, Johnny I am not going to play ball with you if you don't throw it somewhere else. I do not want to be near your weenier. Well, in true Johnny form...always the threw it again, it landed in your lap again. Mickey picked up the ball, threw it back to you and said, I quit! He said he grazed your weenier and that was it! I probably shouldn't put that on your blog but it was pretty hilarious...I left just after noon, still no therapy. I think they must have done it after I left because mom said when she came back after work, you were asleep. Love you Johnny! xo Jen

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  1. Hey Johnny, just stopping in to let you know the Ducks play the Canucks tonight so I will let you know how it turns out. Oh and youve got about a month before the Stars and Ducks play. Do you think if I came down they would let us watch the game together. Ill bring the TV. Well I will let you know how they do tonight. Love you.